Hosta 'Regal Glory'

This is one of those cases where there are two hostas with the same name. One is registered and, therefore, the "official" name while the other is a non-registered plant which should have its name changed.

Dr. Ed Elslager of Michigan registered a seedling of H. 'Color Glory' under this name in 2001 so that is the "official" H. 'Regal Glory'. The medium size plant has medium green foliage with creamy white streaks. Its leaves are broadly ovate, slightly cupped and faintly corrugated with thick substance. Pale lavender flowers bloom in July.

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Regal Glory' (Elslager)

The non-registered hybrid of H. 'Color Glory' × H. 'Krossa Regal' from Dr. Ralph (Herb) Benedict of Michigan is also know by this name. It is a large size plant with heavily variegated leaves. Lavender flowers bloom from mid-July into August. Fortunately to avoid confusion, According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), this plant "...may no longer exist."

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Regal Glory' (Benedict)

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