Hosta 'Rix Pix'


Originated by Rick Goodenough of Massachusetts and Madelon Gilligan of New Zealand, this cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Designer Genes' × H. 'Mr Jack'. The slow growing, miniature size (4 inches high by 18 inches wide) hosta was registered by Gilligan in 2015 and re-registered with new data in 2018.

Its foliage is yellow, slightly corrugated, nearly round and slightly shiny on top. The petioles are a light red color on the bottom half. Near white, tubular flowers bloom on scapes 8 to 10 inches tall from late January into February (July into August) but it does not set seed.

The registration materials state: "...low growing and out-spread habit with petioles and stems that are reddish on the lower halves..."


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