Hosta 'Rock et Belles Oreilles'

French for an existing cultivar with the English name H. 'Rock and Beautiful Ears'

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Hosta 'Rock and Beautiful Ears'
aka 'Rock et Belles Oreilles'

Originated by Jocelyne Bastille of Aux Mille Hostas in Canada, this non-registered cultivar is a sport of H. 'High Fat Cream'. The leaves on this large size (20 inches high by 40 inches wide) hosta are chartreuse colored with white marginal variegation. It is a fast growing, upright hosta with foliage that is shiny on top and cup shaped at the base of the leaf blade. The lavender, funnel-shaped flowers bloom in July on scapes 22-24 inches tall followed by fertile seed set.

The English translation for this cultivar would be H. 'Rock and Beautiful Ears'. There may be some confusion in the translation of the French description on the Aux Mille Hostas web page which says, "CREATOR: The H. 'Rock and Beautiful Ears OS' was introduced and recorded by Van Wade in 1999. ORIGIN : The H. 'Rock and beautiful ears OS' is a mutation of the H. 'High Fat Cream'..." That is a description of Van Wade's cultivar H. 'American Dream'.




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