Hosta 'Roy Klehm'

This cultivar is a chemically induced, tetraploid sport of H. 'Summer Serenade' registered by Hans Hansen and Shady Oaks Nursery of Minnesota in 2007 and granted a U.S. patent in 2009. The mound grows into a large size hosta about 21 inches in height and 2 feet in width. Its leaves are slightly wavy and have thick substance. Near white flowers bloom from late June into July.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), "This cultivar honors Roy Klehm, highly respected nurseryman and long-time owner of Klehm Nursery and Song Sparrow Perennial Farm. Through Roy's inspiration and influence in the nursery trade, the sales of hostas achieved unprecedented heights during the 1980s and 1990s."

The New Encyclopedia of Hostas (2009) states: "The leaf color changes depending on the intensity of the light, being a deeper golden yellow in strong sunshine...An exciting new sport which is thought to be tetraploid...distinctively tipped rounded leaves and exceptionally pleasing variegation.

United States Patent: PP19647   (2009)

Abstract: A new cultivar of Hosta named ‘Roy Klehm’, a chemically induced chimeral mutation of Hosta ‘Summer Serenade’, that is characterized by its unique variegated foliage with bright yellow-green centers and wide deep green margins comprising about one half of the leaf area. ‘Roy Klehm’ has an upright plant habit with leaves held horizontal on upright petioles and near white flowers held on erect flower scapes that arise above the foliage in mid summer.

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