Hosta 'Satoko'


Registered by June Colley and John Baker of England in 2020, this small size (9 inches high by 18 inches wide) cultivar is a seedling of (H. kikutii x H. hypoleuca) × seedling of the Tardiana Group. It is a dark green hosta with foliage that is lanceolate in shape, relatively flat and has glaucous bloom on the top and bottom. The petioles have dark red pigment most prominent about 4 inches from the base and a glaucous bloom overall.

Pale purple, bell-shaped flowers with dark lavender stripes outlined with white bloom from mid-August into September. The scapes are 17 to 20 inches tall and it bears viable seeds.

The registration materials state: "...Good substance with flowing appearance like a dark green 'Mikawa-no-yuki'.  Has pointed leaves and red legs. Named for longtime friend Satoko Kurata...glaucous bloom early, shiny dark green later in the season."



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