Hosta 'Smoochy'

Originated by Mike Dammen of in Minnesota, this cultivar was registered in 2021 as a sport of H. 'Hot Kiss'. It is a small size (10 inches high by 26 inches wide) hosta with intensely blue-green foliage that has greenish yellow medial (center) variegation. The broadly ovate leaves are very slightly corrugated. It bears pale lavender, tubular flowers with stripes that bloom from July into August and sets non-viable seeds.

According to the Registration materials: "Differs from its parent in having larger leaves with large brassy gold centers and no white line between the center and margin colors.  Mature plant is wider and shorter than its parent...Emerges powdery light lime green with powdery blue margins - changes to brassy gold with narrow green margins by mid-July..."


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