Hosta 'Sparkler'

This upright growing cultivar is a sport of H. 'Fireworks' which was discovered by Hannah B. Zwagerman and registered by Walters Gardens, Inc. of Michigan in 2012 It forms a small size clump about 8 inches in height with a spread of around 16 inches. The leaves are dark green with white medial (center) variegation and are lanceolate, moderately folded and slightly shiny on top with good substance. It bears lavender, tubular flowers with translucent margins from mid-July into August.

This cultivar won the 2017 Kevin Vaughn Award at the First Look hosta competition as the best sport as chosen by the AHS Judges and the Frances Williams Award as the best sport as chosen by the Attendees. It was shown by Amy Bergeron of Michigan.

United States Patent: PP25399  (2015)

Abstract: A new and distinct Hosta plant named ‘Sparkler’, characterized by stiff, heavy-substance, thick foliage with conduplicate leaf blades with variegation of white centers and dark green margins and intermediate colors feathered between margin and center. Hosta ‘Sparkler’ flowers with erect cream-colored scapes having upright facing light lavender flowers in mid-July subtended by variegated bracts on a compact plant.

  1. H. 'Green Sparkler'

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