Hosta 'Spiral Nebula'


Originated by Ian Chrystal of England but registered on his behalf by June Colley and John Baker of England in 2020, this cultivar is a seedling of (H. longipes hypoglauca x H. kikutii)  × H. kikutii polyneuron. It is a large size hosta about 23 inches high by 24 inches wide with medium green colored foliage. The leaves are lanceolate, slightly wavy, slightly rippled and slightly shiny on top. Its petioles have red speckles that "look attractive when seen from below." Pale purple flowers with dark colored stigma and style bloom from late July into August on recumbent scapes 16 to 21 inches tall. It does not set seeds.

The registration materials state: "...Long narrow shiny green leaves with red speckled petioles and nice lavender flowers on very long dark maroon twisting scapes.  Good in hanging baskets."


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