Hosta 'Sweet Standard'

This tissue culture sport of H. 'Honeybells' was registered by Mark Zilis of Illinois in 1984. It forms a large size (20 inches high) mound of wavy, white margined foliage and has very pale lavender flowers from August into September.

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), it is "...from the same cultures as 'Sugar and Cream';.. .fast growing, splashy specimen plant in the garden, but off-color divisions need to be culled."


"This hosta has been around for over a half dozen years. I've lauded it before, and still consider it to be one of the best streaky-leaved varieties. We have a large clump and it gets considerable attention and high marks from visitors to our garden. 'Sweet Standard' is a sport of 'Honeybells', as is also the very popular 'Sugar and Cream'. Therefore, like 'Honeybells', 'Sweet Standard' gets fairly big and has mildly fragrant, light lavender flowers on tall scapes, sometimes 5-foot high. Leaves of 'Sweet Standard' are a muted green color with a border that is white, but it can be cream or yellow also depending on the season and exposure. Within the margin in an attractive, prominent marbling of white, celadon and muted chartreuse streakes, often very broad. Some divisions are more variegated than others; each division seems to have its own characteristic pattern. All streaky hostas can be considered unstable, yet I haven't seen any serious instability with our 'Sweet Standard'. Some growers, however, report that divisions in their clumps changed to 'Sugar and Cream', i.e., no streaking, just margin."


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