Hosta 'Tail Feathers'


Originated by Chick Wasitis of Bridgewood Gardens from Maryland, this non-registered cultivar is a sport of H. 'Sum and Substance'. It forms a giant size (36 inches high by 70 inches wide) clump. The leaves are moderately corrugated, have deeply lobed margins, are cupped both up and down and have a long, distinct tip. It has thick substance which  makes it resistant to slug damage.  From late July into August, it produces large pale lavender flowers on four foot tall scapes.

The main difference between H. 'Tail Feathers' and its mother plant is the appearance of yellowish "feathering" (streaked variegation) up some of the leaf veins. The color starts at the mid-vein and extends to different lengths in individual veins. It changes from leaf to leaf and from year to year.


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