Hosta 'Teddy Bear'

This is one of those cases where there are two hostas with the same name. Neither is registered with The American Hosta Society. The first one to be registered would become the "official" hosta of that name and the other would have to be renamed.

There is an image of this cultivar on the Hosta Library. From the photo on the HL website, it appears to be a large size hosta with pointed dark green leaves. 

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009), this is a non-registered hosta from Clarence (C.H.) Falstad, III of Michigan. It is a small size hosta with blue-green foliage that has a green medial (center) variegation.

He also says, "...observed at the 1988 The American Hosta Society leaf show, but have not seen since; may no longer exist..."

So, the one shown at the Hosta Library may be a newer cultivar.


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