Originated by Heinz Klose of Staudengärtnerei Klose in Germany, this non-registered cultivar is a hybrid of H. rupifraga. It has shiny, dark green leaves and medium lavender colored flowers. The plant grows to a medium size about 16 inches tall.

According to the Fransen Hostas website, this cultivar was originated in Japan and introduced into the nursery trade by Heinz Klose.

In the Hosta Species Update by W. George Scmid (2010), "H. rupifraga ‘Tetra’: This cultivar was named in Europe and is in the trade. Contrary to what the name suggests, it is not a variant of H. rupifraga. This was confirmed by using genome weight analysis in the Zonneveld and Van Iren (2001) study. Schmid (2006) also confirmed this based on morphometric analysis. This cultivar is most likely a hybridized form of H. longipes var. latifolia. While the ICNCP (International Code for the Nomenclature of Cultivated Plants) may allow the name “Tetra,” it should not be used, because it has the connotation that this cultivar is tetraploid and its ploidy has not jet been confirmed."

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