Hosta 'Tongue Twister'

Bob Solberg of Green Hill Farm in North Carolina registered this cross of H. 'Iwa' × H. 'Blue Blush' in 2008. It is a small size hosta which grows to about 8 inches in height and 18 inches in spread. The leaves are twisted upward, come to a distinct point and have thick substance. Flower scapes are light purple and bear lavender flowers in September. The seed pods are light purple.

The Book of Little Hostas by Kathy and Michael Shadrack (2010) says: "Will appreciate early morning sun and looks good in a trough or tray until late in the season."

Mikiko Lockwood in an article on The Hosta Library titled, A Little About Japanese Hosta Terms defines the term iwa as rock, Iwa Gibōshi or H. longipes.

  1. H. 'Twist Tie'

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