Hosta 'Toyo-no-omoide'

Registered by Mikky Lockwood of Georgia in 2018 on behalf of the originator Toyozo Nakayama of Japan, this upright growing cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Uguis'. It is a large size hosta about 20 inches high by 25 inches wide with medium green foliage. The leaves are broadly ovate, slightly cupped and slightly shiny on top. Near white flowers bloom in July on scapes 24 to 28 inches tall. It bears seeds but their viability was not known at the time of registration.

The registration materials state: "...Slightly cupped, shiny green leaves grow upright resembling spoons. "Toyo-no-omoide" means "Memories of Toyo" in honor of the late Toyozo Nakayama who gave me the seeds in 2006. Plant has been growing in a container for its entire 11 years." 

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