Hosta 'Transitions'

Registered by Don Dean of Minnesota in 2016, this upright growing, large size (19 inches high by 42 inches wide) cultivar is a sport of an unnamed seedling with parentage of ((H. 'Liberty Bell' x H. 'Noah's Ark') x (H. 'Sea Drift' x an open pollinated seedling)). Its foliage is medium green with a yellow marginal variegation. The leaves are broadly ovate, moderately wavy, slightly twisted and dull on top. Lavender flowers with a darker stripe bloom from mid-July into August on scapes up to 23 inches tall.

The registration materials state: "Gradual transition of edge color from yellow to two-tone (near white outer & greenish yellow inner) mid-season; transition between edge and center color is also two-toned grey-green feathered & interrupted into the medium green middle...Yellow margins gradually change to near white on outer edge and greenish yellow near transition zone.

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