Hosta 'Ussuri'


There is an image of this cultivar on the Hosta Library. From the photo on the HL website, it appears to be a large size hosta with dark blue-green leaves and creamy yellow, irregular marginal variegation. Fransen Hostas website has a picture which shows some streaking down into the leaf blade and what is probably spring desiccation damage on the leaf margin. They also say that this cultivar originated in Germany. 

Rainer Seckinger describes it as a slow growing hosta with margins that are very similar to H. 'Pizzazz' but with wider margins.
The Ussuri River or Wusuli River runs through Russia, and the southeast region of Northeast China.

Rainer Seckinger noticed that H. 'Pizzazz and H. 'Ussuri' are very similar cultivars as shown in the photo he submitted below.

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