Hosta 'Volcano'


This is one of those cases where there are two hostas with the same name. Neither are currently registered with The American Hosta Society. The first one to be registered would become the "official" hosta of that name and the others would have to be renamed.


There is an image of this cultivar on the Hosta Library. From the photo on the HL website, it appears to be an extremely upright, large size hosta with light green leaves and long, reddish purple petioles. This non-registered cultivar was originated by Bill Meyer of New Jersey. 

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Volcano' (Meyer).

Originated by Keith Squires of Canada, this non-registered cultivar is of unidentified parentage. It is a small size hosta that has green foliage with a white medial (center) variegation that turns all green by the end of summer. It is similar to H. 'Mary Marie Ann'.

Hosta Helper will call this plant 'Volcano' (Squires).


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