Hosta 'Vuvuzela'

This cultivar is a sport of H. 'Kaleidochrome' which was registered by Mark Zilis of Illinois in 2010. Its light green foliage has a golden yellow medial (center) variegation. The small size plant grows to about 7 inches in height with a spread of 15 inches. Its leaves are slightly shiny on top and slightly shiny beneath. They are lightly wavy and ovate with a rounded base. Its tubular flowers bloom from mid-July into August.

An article about hosta names from Mark Zilis by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (2013 Vol. 44 No. 1) states that, "I started using Zulu names for a few hostas after the 2010 [soccer] World Cup...Jabulani, which means 'rejoice,' amd Vuvuzela was the name of the horn blown by fans during the World Cup...Uju is a palindrome, a word that reads the same forward and backward. Mark's first choice was another Zulu word with several u vowels in it, but there's some controversy over its English meaning."


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