Hosta sieboldii

This self-pollinated seedling of H. sieboldii 'Alba' is a sibling to H. 'Freising'. It was registered by Peter Ruh of Ohio in 2003 on behalf of the originator, Heinz Klose from Germany. It grows into a medium size hosta around 15 inches in height with a spread 30 inches with medium green colored foliage. The leaves are slightly wavy and have thin substance. It bears pure white flowers in August.

According to an article at the Gesellschaft der Staudenfreunde website, this cultivar was originated in 1970 by Hermann Müssel, named by Henz Klose in 1977 and registered by Peter Ruh in 2003.

"Plant is a hybrid with pure white flowers. The leaves of specimens observed in Europe are wider than those of the parent species and have 5 pairs of veins. This is not H. sieboldii 'Alba' which has narrower leaves and 3 pairs of veins. Some authors attribute this taxon a mutant of H. sieboldii, but it is probably directly related to the hybrid H. sieboldii 'Alba' × H. ventricosa made by Georg Ahrends ." Schmid (1991) also cites Hermann Müssel as the originator.

Weihenstephan is a town in Germany and Weihenstephaner is a nearly thousand year old German brewery.

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