Hosta 'Wild Thing'

This is another of those confusing name situations in hostas. There are two hostas with the name' wild Thing'. One is a non-registered plant by Kent Terpening. The other is a hosta that was registered by Dr. Dick and Jane Ward. According to the rules, the registered one is the "official" cultivar and the other needs to have its name changed.


This cultivar of unidentified parentage was registered by Dr. Dick and Jane Ward of Ohio in 2009. It is a medium size plant about 14 inches high by 30 inches wide with medium green foliage that has deep veins. The leaves are slightly rippled, moderately wavy, ovate and dull on top. It bears tubular shape flowers from mid-July into August. It is the one in the picture above.

As described in Mark Zilis (2009), this non-registered cultivar from Kent Terpening forms a small size mound of narrow, folded foliage. The leaves are bright green with a narrow yellow, marginal variegation. It is the one shown in the picture below.


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