Hosta 'Ziggy Stardust'


Originated by Dr. Doug Beilstein of Ohio and registered by Robert Hatt of Massachusetts in 2022, this cultivar is a seedling of H. 'Justice' × (H. 'Brutus' × H. 'Abiqua Recluse'). It is a giant size hosta about 34 inches high by 50 inches wide with green foliage that has yellow and white streaked variegation. The broadly ovate leaves are slightly cupped, slightly folded, slightly rippled and very shiny on top. Near white flowers with pale purple stripes bloom from mid-July into August on very tall scapes up to 78 inches high. Seed viability was unknown at the time of registration.

The registration materials state: "Semi-upright giant mound of streaked & splotched leaves of multiple shades of green and yellow.  Extremely tall and sturdy flower scapes tower above the mound with a seemingly endless stream of light lavender buds that open to large white flowers...yellow areas lighten to cream or white later in the season."


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