Hosta 'Tardiflora' Group

In 1991, the comprehensive book about hostas, The Genus Hosta by W. George Schmid, was published. It was the first intensively researched book about the entire genus which, until that time, suffered from a lot of misinformation and name confusion. As the result of his research, Schmid determined that several of the plants previously treated as separate, naturally occurring, species were, in fact, cultivated varieties, i.e. cultivars. created by nurseries or hybridizers.

This is one of the hosta groupings that was shifted from species to cultivar status. For more on this process ...

Species switched from species to cultivar status in 1991 include:

Hosta 'Tardiflora'

H. 'Tardiflora' has thick, slug resistant green foliage on a medium (12 inches high) plant. Its lavender flowers appear late in the season and may not have time to mature in many northern gardens.

The H. 'Tardiana' Group which was developed by English hybridizer Eric Smith is a cross between H. 'Tardiflora' and Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans.'

  • H. 'Fall Memories'
  • H. 'Hirao Imperial'
  • H. longipes lancea
  • H. 'Koryu'
  • H. 'Tardiflora Honey Glaze'
  • H. 'Tardiflora Kinakafu'


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