We have information on over 12,900 hosta names in our database including plant traits such as leaf, flower, growth rate and other plant characteristics. Many of these traits are used to identify the thousaqnds of different cultivars of hostas existing today. The database also features data on the cultivar's originator and background i.e. sports, hybrids and parents.

This includes traits such as leaf shape, color, seasonal color changes, variegation, texture, appearance and veins.


Hosta flowers come in a range of colors, seasons of bloom, scape lengths, shapes, fragrance and seed pods.


Explore the database for hostas that contain certain words in their names, series hostas along with galleries of green, blue, yellow and variegated hosta cultivars.


Included here are such characteristics as plant size, growth rate and clump texture.


We have lists of hosta people who have originated and/or registered many of the thousands of hosta cultivars.


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