As with any large collection of items whether they are books, laws of the land or hostas,  there needs to be ways developed to tell one from another. There are over 12,900 named hostas (7,038 registered with The American Hosta Society as of 2018) and people have studied the various traits of the plants to develop a systematic approach to identification. In botany, this is called the garden it is called, "What's the name of that plant?"

Here at PGC, we like to concentrate on plants and their use in the home landscape so we will emphasize those characteristics that are part of a design criteria. People who like to just collect thousands of plants because they are "different" will need to go into much more depth on some of the minor differences such as the number of veins or sterile vs viable seeds.

For our Landscape Use approach to hostas, here are the plant traits that we will need to consider.

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