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1 4South Korea 
2 Adams, Joy4Iowa 
3 Anderson, Chuck4New HampshireChuck and Sue Anderson are the owner/operators of Mason Hollow Nursery in New Hampshire.
4 Anderson, Marlys4IowaMarlys (1950-2014) was a past President of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society and served as Advertising Director for The American Hosta Society.
5 Anderson, Sue4New HampshireSue Anderson is co-owner/operator of Mason Hollow Nursery in New Hampshi. She has written articles for The Hosta Journ.
6 Arnold, Beth4Illinois 
7 Bendig, Matt4Wisconsin 
8 Black, Gwen4EnglandDr Gwen Black is a hosta hybridizer from England whose articles appear regularly in the journal of the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society and The Hosta Journal of The American Hosta Society.
9 Bloom, Alan4EnglandAlan Bloom (1906-2005) is credited with popularizing the concept of island beds instead of formal borders in the landscape. His Dell Garden at Bressingham Hl is adjacent to his Blooms of Bressingham nursery in Diss, Norfolk, England.
10 DaPra, Sarah4Michigan 
11 Donahue, Thomas4Massachusetts 
12 Draper, Glen4UtahGlenn Draper (1946 -2003) was an elementary school teacher and owner of the Rocky Mountain Hosta Company in Utah. Glenn is the only hosta originator from Utah in our database.
13 Elchuk, Kevin4CanadaKevin and Olga Elchuk own the Giboshihill Hostas nursery in Ontario, Canada.
14 Elchuk, Olga4CanadaKevin and Olga Elchuk own the Giboshihill Hostas nursery in Ontario, Canada.
15 Epstein, Harold4New YorkHarold Epstein (1903-1997) was a founder and former President of the Hortus Club of New York. Harold was also President of the American Rock Garden Society, the Greater New York Orchid Society and the Northeast Region of the American Rhododendron Society.
16 Geske, Bob4WisconsinGeske Gardens in Wisconsin
17 Goodman, Jack4New Jersey 
18 Heinz, David4Michigan 
19 Henjum, Paul4Minnesota 
20 Herold, Glenn4IllinoisGlenn Herold is a retired horticulture professor from Illinois Central College. He is the former president of the Midwest Regional Hosta Society and the Central Illinois Hosta Society.
21 Hird, Bob4Iowa 
22 Kirschenlohr, Andreas4Germany Andreas Kirschenlohr is the owner of Staudengärtnerei Kirschenlohr nursery in Speyer, Germany.
23 Klinkhamer, Luc4NetherlandsLuc Klinkhamer is a noted plantsman who works for the CNB plant brokerage company in the Netherlands.
24 Klopping, Minnie4NebraskaMinnie Klopping was an early hosta hybridizer from Minnesota. She is probably most known for originating the cultivar H. ‘Francee’ in the 1970s.
25 Kosasa4Japan 
26 Lantis, Clarence4DelawareClarence “Beets” Lantis was a good friend of hosta legend, Alex Summers and was active in The American Hosta Society during its formative years.
27 Li, Haitao4China 
28 Lichacz, Susan4Michigan 
29 Lydon, Patrick4Illinois 
30 Martin, Bud4Georgia 
31 Milbradt, Marc4Minnesota 
32 Mitchell, Bill4Pennsylvania 
33 Montreal Botanical Garden4Canada 
34 Muroya, Kimio4Japan 
35 Oudolf, Piet4NetherlandsPiet Oudolf (b. 1944) is a Dutch garden designer, nurseryman and author. He has been influential in the “New Perennial” movemnt of landscape design.
36 Pether, Glen4England 
37 Pinterics, Michael4Wisconsin 
38 Pollock, Ali4Delaware 
39 Santa Lucia, Vic4North CarolinaVic Santa Lucia was President of The American Hosta Society from 1989 to 1992. A retired school teacher from New York, he moved to North Carolina in the early 1990s and formed a partnership with Van Sellers in Iron Gate Gardens.
40 Sully, Marcia4New YorkMarcia Sully is a retired teacher who is a member of the Western New York Hosta Society. She is on the Great Lakes Region Four board of directors and works on the annual Hosta College in Piqua, Ohio. Marcia is also one of the editors of the Online Journal of The American Hosta Society.
41 Suzuki, Kichigoro4JapanKichigoro Suzuki is a plant collector and hybridizer from Japan. In 1957, he published a book titled, Insectivorous Plants.
42 Terra Nova Nurseries4Oregon 
43 Thompson, Criss4VirginiaCriss Thompson was owners of CR Hosta and Daylilies in Virginia.
44 Thompson, Rick4VirginiaRick (c1951-1996) and Criss Thompson were owners of CR Hosta and Daylilies in Virginia. They introduced H. ‘Guardian Angel’ and the 2005 Hosta of the Year H. ‘Striptease’.
45 Tomashek, Cindy4Minnesota 
46 Vaillancourt, Caryl4CanadaCaryl Vaillancourt is a hosta enthusiast and hybridizer from Canada who is a member of the Ontario Hosta Society.
47 Van Erven, Dirk4Netherlands 
48 Visser, Cees4NetherlandsCees Visser is a hosta hybridizer in The Netherlands and is a member of the Dutch Hosta Society.
49 Wallace4Unknown 
50 Wilson, Audra4IowaAudra Wilson has served as president of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society and maintains a hosta garden that includes early introductions from such noted hybridizers as Herb Benedict, Russ O’Harra, Bob Kuk, Van Wade, Gunther Stark and others.
51 Barger, Anna3Canada 
52 Barger, Bill3Canada 
53 Barrett, Rosemary3New Zealand 
54 Beuchert, Marianne3GermanyMarianne Beuchert (1924-2007) was a florist, gardener and writer from Frankfurt, Germany. She was active with the Palmengarten in her home town.
55 Bond, John3EnglandJohn Bond (1934-2002) was the Head Gardener at Savill Gardens near London, England. To the hosta world, he is best known for his introduction of the classic cultivar H. 'Great Expectations'.
56 Borsch, Wm3OregonWilliam Borsch (1859-1938) and his son, Fred, owned the William Borsch & Son nursery in Multnomah, Oregon until 1945. His was one of the first nurseries to offer hostas in the 1920s and 30s.
57 Briggs Nursery-WA3WashingtonNursery in Olympia, Washington established in 1912.
58 Chatto, Beth3EnglandBeth Chatto (1923-2018) was a renowned gardener, writer and plants- woman from England.
59 Couture, Lee3Maine 
60 Crabb, Scott3Indiana 
61 Dammen, Mike3MinnesotaOwner of in Minnesota
62 Dreessen, Jack3Iowa 
63 Eason, Alan3EnglandAlan Eason became the manager of the Hadspen Nursery in England after the departure of Eric Smith in the 1980s.
64 Foster, Eugene3New YorkEugene S. Foster was primarily a reknowned daylily hybridizer from New York.
65 Fox, G.3Indiana 
66 Geske, Justin3WisconsinGeske Gardens in Wisconsin
67 Goffery, James3New York 
68 Gossett, Gary3Oregon 
69 Harstad, Carolyn3IndianaCarolyn Harstad (1936-2018) was a co-founder of the Indianapolis Hosta Society and the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society. She was the author of 3 books on the use of native plants.
70 Hofer, Linda3OhioAntioch Farms in Ohio
71 Hoks, Harry3Minnesota 
72 Hottovy, Les3Oregon 
73 Hottovy, Steve3OregonBeyond Green LLC in Oregon
74 Jernigan, Bettie3North CarolinaJernigan Gardens in North Carolina
75 Jury, Felix3New Zealand 
76 Kinchen, Roger3New Hampshire 
77 King, Jim3Washington 
78 Klapwijk, Pieter3Canada 
79 Laico, Michael3South Carolina 
80 Landis, Henry3Canada 
81 Lasek, Robert3Canada 
82 Lauman3Unknown 
83 Lehman, Dick3MinnesotaEdgar “Dick” Lehman established Lehman Gardens nursery in 1931 in Fairbault, Minneso and operateit until 1972.
84 Leydens, Theo3Netherlands 
85 Markland, Sandie3North Carolina 
86 McBurney, Jim3Iowa 
87 McBurney, Lois3Iowa 
88 Megos, Stan3Connecticut 
89 Mondt, Manfred3Ohio 
90 Monrovia Nursery3California 
91 Mullin, Joy3Iowa 
92 Mussel, Hermann3GermanyHermann Mȕssel (1926-2010) was the Tech Director of the Sichtungsgarten Weihenstephan (Sightseeing Garden) in Germany until his retirement in 1991.
93 Myers, Gary3Wisconsin 
94 NEO Plants Ltd3England 
95 Onoda3Japan 
96 Owens, Jean3Illinois 
97 Owens, William3Illinois 
98 Ragland, Butch3Indiana 
99 Ramsey, Reldon3IowaReldon Ramsey of Iowa is the Editor of Hosta Horizons , the newsletter of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society.
100 Rocknell Nursery3Ohio 
101 Rossing, Richard3Minnesota 
102 Schimana, Walter3GermanyWalter Schimana owned a perennial nursery and landscaping company in Deiningen, Germany.
103 Skrocki, Ed3Ohio 
104 Springer, Judy3Virginia 
105 Ternes, Nick3Wisconsin 
106 Thiemann, Olga3Ohio 
107 Thompson, Steve3IndianaThornhaven Nursery in Indiana
108 Tisch, Roland3Michigan 
109 Van Hoorn, James3Illinois 
110 Wade, Shirley3Ohio 
111 White, Dave3Illinois 
112 Wickenden, Michael3England 
113 Willetts, Jesse3Ohio 
114 Woodford, R.3Michigan 
115 Abe, Hiroshi2JapanHe is a noted plant explorer and plantsman in his native Japan. Mr. Abe is the author of a book whos English title would be Enjoyment of the Cultivation of Variegated Hostas.
116 Addison, Carlon2Ohio 
117 Ahrens, Thomas2Germany 
118 Applegate, Charles2Ohio 
119 Bailey, Crickett2Vermont 
120 Beaulier, P.J.2New HampshireOwner of New Hampshire Hostas nursery.
121 Belk, Al2UnknownSold hostas on eBay.
122 Bennett, Gerry2Massachusetts 
123 Berbee, Leo2Netherlands 
124 Berios, Tracy2Iowa 
125 Black, Paul2OregonFrom Sebright Gardens in Salem, Oregon.
126 Blue Jean Farms2OhioNursery in Warren, Ohio.
127 Boak, Tim2Ohio 
128 Briggs Nursery-MA2MassachusettsMultiple generation business in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.
129 Brodeur, Ernie2MassachusettsErnest J. “Ernie” Brodeur (1927-2003) worked at Fairmount Garden in Lowell Massachusetts for nationally known iris, daylily and hosta hybridizer, Elizabeth Nesmith.
130 Bronson, Gary2Ohio 
131 Busse, Ainee2MinnesotaBusse Gardens in Minnesota
132 Calderara, Carl2Rhode Island 
133 Caprice Farm Nursery2OregonNursery in Sherwood, Oregon.
134 Centerton Nursery2New JerseyWholesale plant nursery in Upper Deerfield Township, New Jersey
135 Christensen, John2New Jersey 
136 Cooley, Violet2ArkansasViolet Cooley (1917-2008) was an early hosta hybridizer who introduced two of the first three hostas to be registered with The American Hosta Society.
137 Cory, Robert2OhioOwner of Cory's Wildflower Gardens in Chillicothe, Ohio.
138 Craig, Jack2JapanJames “Jack” Craig introduced the classic cultivar H. ‘Ginko Craig’ which he purchased in Japan in the 1970s. It is named for his wife, Ginko but the name is often misspelled since people assume it is named for the maidenhair tree, Ginkgo biloba.
139 Cumpson, J. Bruce2CanadaBruce Cumpson owns Olde Towne Gardens in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada.
140 Danik, Robert2Pennsylvania 
141 Daughenbaugh, Walt2Pennsylvania 
142 Dautzenberg, Marie-José2Netherlands 
143 Dautzenberg, Theo2Netherlands 
144 Dawber, Robert2New Zealand 
145 Dove, Bill2Indiana 
146 Dove, Wanda2Indiana 
147 Ellerbroek, Paul2IowaPaul Ellerbroek (1933-1978) was an early hosta enthusiast from Iowa.
148 Ellison, Bob2Illinois 
149 Engel, Karen2Washington 
150 Engler, Adolf2GermanyGerman botanist Adolf Engler (1844–1930)
151 Erikson, Pam2CanadaErikson's Daylily Garden British Columbia, Canada
152 Franks, Richard2North Carolina 
153 Gardenview Horticultural Park2OhioEstablished by Henry Ross in the late 1940s and opened to the public in 1961.
154 Geers, Jeanie2IowaDry Creek Hostas in Iowa
155 Geers, Jerry2IowaDry Creek Hostas in Iowa
156 Giese, K.2Wisconsin 
157 Goad, Tom2Ohio 
158 Grounds, Roger2England 
159 Harle, Dennis2Wisconsin 
160 Harris, Ken2Illinois 
161 Harris, Robert2Georgia 
162 Haskell, Allen2Massachusetts 
163 Heinz, Jim2Iowa 
164 Herman, Robert2Connecticut 
165 Hermens, Pieter2Netherlands 
166 Herzog, Don2California 
167 Holland (unknown)2Unknown 
168 Holland, Cornelia2TennesseeShe donated her 800 hosta collection to Tranquility - The Cornelia B. Holland Hosta Garden at the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus.
169 Honda2Japan 
170 Hoover, Walt2Wisconsin 
171 Horinaka2Japan 
172 Hyslop, Jay2OregonJay Hyslop was part owner of Walden West Nursery in Scotts Mills, Oregon and became proprietor after the death of owner Dr. Charles Purtymun in 2007.
173 Ichie, Toyokazu2Japan 
174 Indianapolis Hosta Society2Indiana 
175 Innis Metro Gardens2OhioPart of the Central Ohio Park System near Cleveland.
176 Johns, Eddie2New Zealand 
177 Johnson, Ross2Minnesota 
178 Karbula, Steve2Ohio 
179 Kato, Kiyoshi2Japan 
180 Kiehne, Myrtle2MinnesotaMyrtle E. Kiehne (1898-1992) of Douglas County, Minnesota was one of the very early hosta hybridizers.
181 Knechtel, Ken2Canada Rainforest Gardens in Canada
182 Koza, Carole2New York 
183 Kridler, Barrie2Ohio 
184 Kuntz, J.2Illinois 
185 Langdon, Olive Bailey2AlabamaOlive Bailey Langdon (1927-2007) was one of the first women lawyers from Alabama. She was President of the Birmingham Daylily Society and of the Birmingham Area Iris Society. Olive was the fourth President of The American Hosta Society serving between 1985 and 1989 and was the recipient of the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 1991.
186 Lehrer, Jonathon2Connecticut 
187 Lehtola, Paula2MassachusettsPaula Lehtola from Massachusetts is the Vice President Awards and Honors for The American Hosta Society. She is a past President of the New England Hoa Society.
188 Lighty, Richard2Pennsylvania 
189 Lisik, Philip2Michigan 
190 Lockwood, Mikky2Georgia 
191 Lunsford, Ernest Jr.2Georgia 
192 Lynch, P.2Maryland 
193 McElwee, Molly2New York 
194 Merritt, Richard2New Hampshire New Hampshire Hostas in New Hampshire
195 Meyer, Gerry2MinnesotaGerry and Jean Meyer own Turkey Run Hosta and are active members of the Shades of Green Hosta Society of Southeast Minnesota.
196 Meyer, Jean2MinnesotaGerry and Jean Meyer own Turkey Run Hosta and are active members of the Shades of Green Hosta Society of Southeast Minnesota.
197 Meyer, Roxanne2Iowa 
198 Meyer, Terry2Wisconsin 
199 Moore, Ernest2Georgia 
200 Morzajew, Barbara2Wisconsin 
201 Mulzer, Mark2Wisconsin 
202 Northern Illinois Hosta Society2Illinois 
203 Pierson, Robert2Illinois 
204 Pinder, Jeff2EnglandHutton Hostas in England
205 Plemmons, Chuck2South Carolina 
206 Potts, C.2England 
207 Poulsgaard, Preben2Denmark 
208 Pratt, Mary2Illinois 
209 Proctor, Richard2England 
210 Proctor, Sue2England 
211 Rassmann2Unknown 
212 Reinermann, Werner2Netherlands 
213 Ritchey, Allen2Wisconsin 
214 Roberts, Mark2EnglandMark Roberts of Stafford Lake Nursery in England was the recipient of the Newbold Hosta Vase award from the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society for his cultivar H. ‘Niki Mouse’.
215 Roozekrans, Andi2Washington 
216 Sataka, Toshihiko2Japan 
217 Schaeffer, Robert2Delaware 
218 Schenk, George2Ohio 
219 Schmidt, Jon2New York 
220 Scroggy, Ian2Northern IrelandIan Scroggy operates the Bali-Hai Nursery in Northern Ireland.
221 Seale, Rob2Ohio 
222 Seitz, Traci2IowaGranny T's Gardens in Iowa
223 Sekini2Japan 
224 Shady Characters Nursery2South Carolina 
225 Shrage, Steven2Unknown 
226 Shugart, Janet2Nebraska 
227 Skylands Nursery2New Jersey 
228 Smead, John J.2New YorkQuest Creek in New York
229 Smetana, Don2Washington 
230 Smith, Scott2Georgia 
231 Soucek, Jon2OhioJon Soucek (1949-2013) and his daughter, Rachel started hybridizing hostas in the early 1990s in Ohio. Jon was a founding member and President of the North Coast Hosta Society of Ohio. He was a certified judge at hosta shows and a past President of the Great Lakes Region of The American HostSociety.
232 South Africa2South Africa 
233 Springarn, Eleanor2New York 
234 Starker, Carl2OregonCharles “Carl” Starker (1892-1988) owned the Carl Starker Floral Shop in Jennings Lodge, Oregon until his retirement in 1981.
235 Starr, R.2New York 
236 Sunny Border Nursery2Connecticut 
237 Takashima2Japan 
238 Tempel, Arlie2MissouriArlie Tempel is a co-founder and past President of the St Louis Hosta Society.
239 Teslow, Richard2Illinois 
240 Tiffany, Barbara2Pennsylvania 
241 Timm, Phil2Wisconsin 
242 Torvinen, Andy2Michigan 
243 Umezawa, Senkichi2Japan 
244 Van Vliet, Arie2NetherlandsArie van Vliet owner of De Heren C. Klijn en Co. in the Netherlands and hosta hybridizer who was the founder of the Dutch Hosta Society in 1989.
245 Verkade, John2New Jersey 
246 Vilmorin et Andrieux2CanadaVilmorin-Andrieux et Cie is a French nursery located in Paris and was founded in 1743.
247 Vogel2Unknown 
248 Wagner, Wally2Oregon 
249 Walker, O.2England 
250 Watanabe, Kazuyuki2Japan 
251 Werner, Klaus2Germany 
252 Williams, Andrew2New Hampshire 
253 Williams, Ron2WisconsinHouse of Hostas in Wisconsin
254 Wittebol, J.2Belgium 
255 Wittebol, R.2Belgium 
256 Yinger, Barry2PennsylvaniaPlant explorer who discovered the species H. yingeri and former owner of Asiatica Nursery in Pennsylvania
257 Zidonis, Rita2Ohio 
258 Zidonis, Wayne2Ohio 
259 Zumach, Hank2Wisconsin 
260 Zwagerman, Mary2Michigan 

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