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1 Dalton, Jim19New York 
2 Dalton, Meg19New York 
3 Housworth, Jere19GeorgiaJere Housworth of Holiday Seeds in Stone Mountain, Georgia is listed as originator of 17 hosta cultivars in 1986 in The Genus Hosta by W. George Schmid (1991).
4 Kovalcsik, Joanna19Michigan 
5 Maekawa, Dr Fumio19JapanDr Fumio Maekawa (1908-1984) was a PhD student at Imperial University in Tokyo, Japan from 1935 to 1940. During his studies, he produced what was then the main reference for the early classification of members of the genus, Hosta.
6 McHugh, Ed19New Jersey 
7 Schmid, Tom19MichiganTom Schmid was the owner of Schmid Nursery Gardens & Landscaping in Jackson, Michigan.
8 Stadden, John19OhioJosh Stadden from Ohio was inspired by hosta legend, Dr Jim Wilkins and started hybridizing hostas at the tender age of 9.
9 Trucks, Gary19MichiganGary Trucks is owner of Amber Waves Gardens in Michigan.
10 Benedict, Dorothy18MichiganWife of hosta pioneer, Herb Benedict, The AHS Display Garden in Tipton, MI is named for him and Dorothy.
11 Klehm, Roy18IllinoisOwner of plant nurseries in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.
12 Purvis, Owen18WisconsinOwen and Sue Purvis own Elim Hosta Gardens in Wisconsin.
13 Sawyer, Rick18MaineRick Sawyer is the owner of Fernwood Nursery and Gardens in Maine.
14 Seaver, Charles18DelawareCharles Seaver is a second generation hosta hybridizer who owns Sea Made Hostas in Delaware. Charlie is the son of legendary hosta hybridizer, Mildred Seaver
15 Simmering, Ron18IowaRon Simmering is a hosta hybridizer from Iowa who has served as President of the Mississippi Valley Hosta Society.
16 Stephens, Ray18Georgia Ray Stephens (1927-2005) was a co-founder of The Georgia Hosta Society along with W. George Schmid.
17 Van Ostrand, John18IllinoisJohn Van Ostrand is a member of the Northern Illinois Hosta Society.
18 Belle Gardens17MichiganThis was a nursery in Centerline, Michigan owned by Nancy Krul (1942-1998).
19 Brill, Kirk17IowaOwner of Brill's Botanical Gardens nursery in Des Moines, Iowa.
20 Dishon, Jim17MichiganRetired engineer with the Ford Motor Company
21 Gowen, Hideko17MinnesotaHideko Gowen (1936-2016) was born on a farm near Tokyo, Japan and later moved to Minnesota with her husband in the 1970s. She hybridized and introduced several new cultivars and maintained ties with hosta people in Japan.
22 Jones, Leonard17North Carolina 
23 McDonell, Harold17GeorgiaHarold McDonell of Georgia has served as the Vice President of Judging and Exhibitions for The American Hosta Society. He is a charter member of the Georgia Hosta Society and has served as its President.
24 Eschenbach, Volker16GermanyVolker is the owner of Planwerk Hostagärtnerei am Chiemsee. His introductions all begin with the word “Chiemesee” which is the name of a nearby lake in Germany.
25 Ford, Mary16EnglandRichard (1937-2018) and Mary (1941-2017) Ford from England owned Park Green Nurseries specializing in hostas.
26 Ford, Richard16EnglandRichard (1937-2018) and Mary (1941-2017) Ford from England owned Park Green Nurseries specializing in hostas. Richard had degrees in botany and plant pathology.
27 Kulpa, John16MichiganJohn Kulpa is a retired school teacher from Michigan who hybridized hostas in the 1980s and 90s.
28 Sisson, Kathie16ConnecticutKathie Sisson of Connecticut is a past President of the Tri-State Hosta Societ Kathie has also served as the Judges’ Training Chair for The American Hosta Society.
29 Souvagie, Renaat16Belgium 
30 Tompkins, Cynthia16OregonCynthia Tompkins (1870-1951) from Thurston CountNebraska was one of the first Americans who actively hybridized hostas back in the 1930s. Her son, Chet, continued this legacy
31 Zager, Herbert A.16IowaHerbert A. Zager (1885-1965) was a hybridizer from Des Moines, Iowa.
32 Axmear, Bob15IowaBob Axmear (1951-2017) and Carol Brashear created the Hosta Library website in 1999.
33 Blake, Amanda15AustraliaAmanda Blake is owner of Hos-Tas nursery in Tasmania, Australia. She lived in North Carolina for 40 years before returning to her native land in 2008.
34 Cross, Peter15MissouriPeter Cross is part of the Oscar Cross family that owns Hilltop Farm in Missouri. He has been the author of articles for The Hosta Journal of The American Hosta Society.
35 Hylander, Nils15SwedenDr. Nils Hylander (1904-1970) was a Swedish scientist who wrote the book, "The Genus Hosta in Swedish Gardens: With Contributions to the Taxonomy, Nomenclature and Botanical History of the Genus" in 1954.
36 Klotz, Ruby15OhioRuby Klotz is owner of Dogtown Farms nursery on Dogtown Road in Ohio. She is a member of the Black Swamp Hosta and Daylily Society.
37 Stygall, Patsy15IndianaPatsy Stygall (1940-2019) was a hosta enthusiast from Indiana.
38 Vertz, Mary15Wisconsin 
39 Arett, Anne14MinnesotaAnne Arett (1902-2003) from Moscow, Minnesota was one of the early hosta pioneers.
40 Chopko, Dave14New JerseyDave Chopko from New Jersey is past President of the Tri-State Hosta Sociey and is active in The American Hosta Society.
41 Hicks, Gerry14MaineGerry Hicks is the owner of Maine Hostas in Edgecomb, Maine.
42 Jolliffe, Thomas14EnglandDr. Thomas Jolliffe has been involved in research on seed production for cereal grains since the 1980s. He is a director of the British Society of Plant Breedes.
43 Ruff, Doug14Minnesota 
44 Deckert, Emile13MarylandEmile Deckert (1922-2011) was curator of azaleas at Brookside Gardens in Montgomery County, Maryland and owned Azalea Hortico Gardens & Nursery (later named Nature's Reign) in Hampstead, MD. He is best known for introducing the classic miniature cultivar, H. 'Blue Mouse Ears' the 2008 "Hosta of the Year".
45 Deckert, Jane13Maryland 
46 Entemann, Manfred13GermanyLandscaper, photographer and traveller from Berlin, Germany.
47 Grenfell, Diana13EnglandDiana Grenfell (1935-2021) was a hosta hybridizer and author from her Applegate Court Garden & Nursery in Gloucestershire, England. She was a co-founder of the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society and her home garden includedthe National Plant Collection of miniature hostas. Diana authored 4 books about hostas and was the recipient of the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 1987.
48 Plater-Zyberk, Maria13DelawareMaria Plater-Zyberk (1911-2000) was a professor of French at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.
49 Purvis, Sue13WisconsinOwen and Sue Purvis own Elim Hosta Gardens in Wisconsin.
50 Ragus, Gerhard13GermanyGerhard and Renate Ragus are hosta enthusiasts who live near Bremen, Germany. In addition to hybridizing hostas, Gerhardt has written two books about hostas
51 Ragus, Renate13GermanyGerhard and Renate Ragus are hosta enthusiasts who live near Bremen, Germany.
52 Weissenberger, Henry13New York 
53 Duback, Robyn12WashingtonRobyn Duback was the owner of Robyn’s Nest Nursery in Vancouver, Washington.
54 Dye, Kay12IllinoisKay Dye is a member of the Central Illinois Hosta Society. Her garden was on display at the 1998 National Convention of The American Hosta Society.
55 Fischer, Dr Ullrich12GermanyDr Ullrich Fischer has a doctorate in organic chemistry who is an avid hosta and mountain ash (Sorbus) hybridizer in his native Germany.
56 Fukatsu, Shinya12JapanShinya Fukatsu is a professional painter and illustrator from Japan and is a member of the Japan Hosta Society. He has published articles in The British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society Journal.
57 Green Mountain Hosta12VermontNursery in East Dover, Vermont
58 Helsley, Calvin12MissouriCalvin Helsley is an iris, hybrid lily and hosta hybridizer from Missouri. He has served as President of the Ozark Regional Lily Society and owns Ozark Mountains Lilies.
59 Hirao, Shuichi12JapanDr. Shuichi Hirao ( ? -1988) was a plant scientist/horticulturist from Japan who was an early experimenter with the use of colchicine as a treatment in an attempt to create tetraploid hosas.
60 O'Brien, John12ConnecticutJohn O’Brien owns a specialty nursery in Connecticut called O’Brien Nurseryme He is a past president of The New England Hosta Society.
61 Rouillier, Denis12MassachusettsDenis Rouillier is the owner of Design-Scapes in Massachusetts.
62 Wilkins, Jill12Michigan 
63 Chrystal, Ian11EnglandIan Chrystal (1933-2010) was a hosta hybridizer from Bedford, England.
64 Fox, Bob11IndianaBob Fox owns Fox Hosta Farm in Lowell, Indiana and has served as President of the Northwest Indiana Hosta Society.
65 Hatfield, Handy11OhioHandy (1946-2015) was the owner of Hatfield Gardens in Stoutsville, Ohio. In a program title "Top Ten Events and Hostas of the Past Millenium", hosta expert Bob Solberg listed number 8 as, “The mail-order marketing of Hatfield Gardns…"
66 Hensen, Karel11NetherlandsDr. Karel J.W. Hensen was a taxonamist at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands . In 1963, he published Identification of the Hostas ("Funkias") Introduced and Cultivated by von Siebold.
67 Holly, Gladys11WisconsinIn the 1960s, Gladys (Died 1968) hybiridzed several cultivars with the help of hosta pioneer, Herb Benedict (1913-2004).
68 Uniquely Hostas11WisconsinLocated in Elroy, Wisconsin, they purchased the former Jim's Hostas of Iowa.
69 Armstrong, Maxine10NebraskaMaxine (1914-1989) was active in hostas during the 1970s from her garden iNebraska. Her cultivar H. 'Rough Waters' was one of the first three hostas to be registered with The American Hosta Society.
70 Becherer, Josef10GermanyJosef (1923-2013) was a hosta hybridizer from Dillingen, Germany. Several of his introductions include the word “Dilli’.
71 Bergeron, Amy10MichiganAmy Bergeron was a manager of the greenhouse facilities at Walters Gardens in Zeeland, Michigan.
72 Englerth, Lawrence10MichiganLarry Englerth (1905-1986) was owner and operator of Englerth Gardens in Hopkins, Michigan near Grand Rapids.
73 Finke, Chuck10WisconsinChuck Finke is a retired Physical Education teacher from Wisconsin.
74 Heims, Dan10OregonDan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon, is a plant explorer, plant breeder, teacher, speaker and writer.
75 Kamp, Gayle10IndianaGayle Kamp (1916-2012) was a member of the Indianapolis Hosta Society.
76 Krueger, Fran10WisconsinHollywood Bob's Hosta Farm in Wisconsin
77 Krueger, Michael10WisconsinHollywood Bob's Hosta Farm in Wisconsin
78 Micheletti, Tom10IllinoisTom Micheletti is a retired teacher who also ran The Hosta Patch Nursery from his home in Illinois. He was President of The American Hosta Society from 2007 to 2011 and was awarded the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2013.
79 Mortko, Rob10KansasRob Mortko owns Made in the Shade Nursery in Kansas which is a tissue culture lab specializing in hostas.
80 Sellers, Van10North CarolinaVan Sellers and Vic Santa Lucia own Iron Gate Gardens in North Carolina.
81 Stark, Dean10Iowa, Dean Stark the owner of Stark Gardens in Norwalk, Iowa until 2004 when it was sold.
82 Stark, Gunther10IowaGunther Stark (1923-2003) was the owner of Stark Gardens in Norwalk, Iowa. Gunther and his wife, Geneva, started the nursery in 1954 and it was operated by their son, Dean Stark until 2004 when it was sold.
83 Tylinski, Stan10New YorkStan Tylinski of New York is a member of the Tri-State Hosta Society.
84 White, Jeff10Iowa 

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