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1 A and D Nursery1WashingtonThe nursery in Snohomish, Washington specializes in peonies and tree peonies.
2 Abe, Hiroshi2JapanHe is a noted plant explorer and plantsman in his native Japan. Mr. Abe is the author of a book whos English title would be Enjoyment of the Cultivation of Variegated Hostas.
3 Abrams, Deb1New York 
4 Adams, Dan1Illinois 
5 Adams, Joy4Iowa 
6 Addison, Carlon2Ohio 
7 Aden, Paul267New YorkEditor of The Hosta Book, Paul (1925-2010) was noted for introducing hundreds of new hostas developed by himself or by others from his nursery, Garden of Aden in New York.
8 Ahlburg, Marlene8GermanyMarlene Ahlburg is a well known plant hybridizer from Röttgesbüttel, German
9 Ahrens, Thomas2Germany 
10 Aiello, D.1Rhode Island 
11 Alamillo, Andres1California 
12 Amberg, Mary1Massachusetts 
13 Anderson, Chuck4New HampshireChuck and Sue Anderson are the owner/operators of Mason Hollow Nursery in New Hampshire.
14 Anderson, Jim63GeorgiaDr James (Jim) Anderson is a retired Professor of Crop Science and Botany and was owner of Winterbury Farms Nursery in Georgia which specialized in tissue culture propagation until it closed in 2007.
15 Anderson, K.1Indiana 
16 Anderson, Kenneth26MinnesotaKen (1938 -2009) was one of the early hybridizers of hostas from his Country Line Nursery in Farwell, Minnesota. He was co-founder of the Minnesota Hosta Society and served as Treasurer of The American Hosta Society from 1980 to 1985.
17 Anderson, Luke1Minnesota 
18 Anderson, Marlys4IowaMarlys (1950-2014) was a past President of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society and served as Advertising Director for The American Hosta Society.
19 Anderson, Sue4New HampshireSue Anderson is co-owner/operator of Mason Hollow Nursery in New Hampshi. She has written articles for The Hosta Journ.
20 Ankney, Barry5IllinoisBarry, a retired school phsycologist, is co-owner of White Oak Nursery in Illinois. He has served as the President of the Central Illinois Hosta Society (CIHS) and Vice-President of the Midwest Regional Hosta Society (MRHS). Barris the Editor of the Online Hosta Journal for The American Hosta Society.
21 Applegate, Charles2Ohio 
22 Archibald, Jim1EnglandFrom 1967 to 1975, Jim ( died 2010) and hosta pioneer, Eric Smith jointly ran The Plantsmen nursery in Dorset, England.
23 Arends, Georg5GermanyAhrends (1863-1952) was a German nursery owner and horticulturist traineat the Botanical Garden of Breslau. In about 1905, he is credited with the development of one of the most famous hostas, H. ‘Elegans.
24 Arett, Anne14MinnesotaAnne Arett (1902-2003) from Moscow, Minnesota was one of the early hosta pioneers.
25 Armstrong, Maxine10NebraskaMaxine (1914-1989) was active in hostas during the 1970s from her garden iNebraska. Her cultivar H. 'Rough Waters' was one of the first three hostas to be registered with The American Hosta Society.
26 Arnold, Beth4Illinois 
27 Arrowhead Nursery1MichiganThis is a specialty plant nursery near Fowlerville, Michigan.
28 Artley, A.1North Carolina 
29 Asami, Hisatoyo1Japan 
30 Asch, Stuart75MichiganRetired teacher who was introduced to hostas by hosta pioneer Pauline Banyai in the early 1980s.
31 Aukema, Bate22NetherlandsBate Aukema from Southeast Friesland in the Netherlands has been a hosta enthusiast since the lat1990s and is a member of the Dutch Hosta Society.
32 Avent, Tony114North CarolinaOwner of Plant Delights Nursery, well known plant explorer and creator of the Juniper Level Botanical Gardens in North Carolina. Winner of Eunice Fischer Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award in 2015.
33 Axmear, Bob15IowaBob Axmear (1951-2017) and Carol Brashear created the Hosta Library website in 1999.
34 The American Hosta Society335UnknownThe American Hosta Society has periodically registered "significant" cultivars on behalf of others. The AHS has not actually originated any hostas.

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