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1 Adams, Dan1Illinois 
2 Ankney, Barry5IllinoisBarry, a retired school phsycologist, is co-owner of White Oak Nursery in Illinois. He has served as the President of the Central Illinois Hosta Society (CIHS) and Vice-President of the Midwest Regional Hosta Society (MRHSBarry is the Editor of the Online Hosta Journal for The American Hosta Society.
3 Arnold, Beth4Illinois 
4 Campbell-Bauer, Margaret1Illinois 
5 Cannon, Lillian1Illinois 
6 Cunningham, L.1Illinois 
7 Davis, Rhonda1Illinois 
8 Davis, Roy1Illinois 
9 Dietrich, Debbie1Illinois 
10 Dye, Kay12IllinoisKay Dye is a member of the Central Illinois Hosta Society. Her garden was on display at the 1998 National Convention of The American Hosta Society.
11 Ellison, Bob2Illinois 
12 England, Tim8Illinois 
13 Frankenberger, J.1Illinois 
14 Harris, Ken2Illinois 
15 Harshbarger, Gretchen9IllinoisGretchen Harshbarger (1906-1989) had a degree in landscape architecture from Cornell University and practiced in Iowa City, Iowa. She authored the McCall's Garden Book in 1967. The Harshbarger Hosta Society is named in her honor.
16 Helmick, Walt1Illinois 
17 Herold, Glenn4IllinoisGlenn Herold is a retired horticulture professor from Illinois Central College. He is the former president of the Midwest Regional Hosta Society and the Central Illinois Hosta Society.
18 Heuermann, Tracy1Illinois 
19 Horn, Bill1Illinois 
20 Hornbaker, Kathy1Illinois 
21 Hornbaker, Rich1Illinois 
22 Horvath, Brent1Illinois 
23 Iverson, Ron1IllinoisIverson's Perennials in Illinois
24 Keller, Robert8IllinoisBob Keller was owner of White Oak Nursery in Illinois until 2013.
25 Klehm, Roy18IllinoisOwner of plant nurseries in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.
26 Kuntz, J.2Illinois 
27 Lydon, Patrick4Illinois 
28 Mack, Carl5IllinoisCarl Mack (Died 1965) owned Mackwoods Gardens in Lotus Woods, Spring Grove, Illinois and was the author of a book, Plants for Gardens in the Shade (1949).
29 Metz, Mary Ann1Illinois 
30 Micheletti, Tom10IllinoisTom Micheletti is a retired teacher who also ran The Hosta Patch Nursery from his home in Illinois. He was President of The American Hosta Society from 2007 to 2011 and was awarded the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2013.
31 Musak, Don1Illinois 
32 Nance, Cindy1Illinois 
33 Northern Illinois Hosta Society2Illinois 
34 Owens, Jean3Illinois 
35 Owens, William3Illinois 
36 Pierson, Robert2Illinois 
37 Port, Linda7Illinois 
38 Postlewaite, Peter9IllinoisPeter Postlewaite from Illinois is active in the Midwest Regional Hosta Society and the Northern Illinois Hosta Society.
39 Pratt, Mary2Illinois 
40 Ricketts, Dennis1IllinoisAvalon Acres Hostas & More in Illinois
41 Rogers, Floyd6IllinoisFloyd Rogers owned Butterfield Gardens in Illinois. He taught at the College of DuPage and North Central University.
42 Rudolph, Thelma5Illinois 
43 Schroeder, Barb5Illinois 
44 Schroeder, Bob5Illinois 
45 Smith, Fred7Illinois 
46 Sunrise Greenhouse1Illinois 
47 Teslow, Richard2Illinois 
48 Van Hoorn, James3Illinois 
49 Van Ostrand, John18IllinoisJohn Van Ostrand is a member of the Northern Illinois Hosta Society.
50 Vaughn, William9IllinoisHe introduced the "Maui" series of hostas.
51 White, Dave3Illinois 
52 Wols, Dan33Illinois 
53 Zilis, Mark491IllinoisRenowned hosta expert and author of The Hostapedia (2009), The Hosta Handbook (2001) and Field Guide to Hostas (2014), Mark was an early implementer of tissue culture at Walters Gardens and then at his own nurseries in Illinois. He was awarded the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2001. As of 2023, he has been involved in the introduction or registration of more hostas than anyone in the world. His series introductions inclued "Mountain", "Prairie", "tini" and "Winfield". Four of his hosta introductions have been included in The American Hosta Society Popularity Polls out of only 151 plants that have appeared at least once in the polls. One of the 28 Hosta of the Year winners through 2023 has been from this originator.
54 Zilis, Mark (2)0Illinois 
55 Zilis, Mark (3)0Illinois 
56 Zilis, Mark (4)0Illinois 

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