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1 Adams, Joy4Iowa 
2 Anderson, Marlys4IowaMarlys (1950-2014) was a past President of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society and served as Advertising Director for The American Hosta Society.
3 Axmear, Bob15IowaBob Axmear (1951-2017) and Carol Brashear created the Hosta Library website in 1999.
4 Berios, Tracy2Iowa 
5 Bond, Norma1Iowa 
6 Brill, Kirk17IowaOwner of Brill's Botanical Gardens nursery in Des Moines, Iowa.
7 Clements, Larry1Iowa 
8 Deeds, Mike1Iowa 
9 Dreessen, Jack3Iowa 
10 Ellerbroek, Paul2IowaPaul Ellerbroek (1933-1978) was an early hosta enthusiast from Iowa.
11 Erb, Marsha Axmear26IowaMarsha Axmear Erb is the owner of Honey Hill Hostas & Garden Art in Iowa.
12 Freeman, Franc61IowaFranc is in the Quad-City Sports Hall of Fame for his success as head wrestling coach at Bettendorf High School (Iowa) from the 1960s into the 1980s.
13 Freeman, Sally21Iowa 
14 Geers, Jeanie2IowaDry Creek Hostas in Iowa
15 Geers, Jerry2IowaDry Creek Hostas in Iowa
16 Hackbarth, Robert33IowaRobert Hackbarth and his wife, Julie own The Hosta Leaf nursery in Colesburgowa.
17 Hadrava, Jerry147IowaOwner of Bloom Hill Nursery, Jerry (1931-2007) created the large "Rosedale" series.
18 Hamilton, Carolyn1Iowa 
19 Hansen, Laura Clark1Iowa 
20 Harshbarger, Gretchen9IowaGretchen Harshbarger (1906-1989) had a degree in landscape architecture from Cornell University and practiced in Iowa City, Iowa. She authored the McCall's Garden Book in 1967. The Harshbarger HostSociety is named in her honor.
21 Heinemann, Gene1Iowa 
22 Heinz, Jim2Iowa 
23 Hird, Bob4Iowa 
24 Husemann, Jim23IowaJim (1947-2022) was a member of Dubuque Hosta Society and ran Hoozie's Hostas from his home in Iowa.
25 Johnson, Greg51IowaGreg Johnson is a member of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society in Iowa.
26 Kerr, Jeff7IowaJeff Kerr is a hosta hybridizer from Iowa and a member of the Mississippi Valley Hosta Society.
27 Kinman, Eric1Iowa 
28 Kuenster, Rod230IowaOriginator of the "Cosmic" series and registrant of many hostas on behalf of Herb Benedict.
29 McBurney, Jim3Iowa 
30 McBurney, Lois3Iowa 
31 Meyer, Roxanne2Iowa 
32 Mullin, Joy3Iowa 
33 O'Harra, Russ46IowaRuss O’Harra (1924-1997) was a graduate in horticulture and landscape design from Kansas State University and was a gardening editor for Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
34 Ramsey, Reldon3IowaReldon Ramsey of Iowa is the Editor of Hosta Horizons , the newsletter of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society.
35 Riehl, Frank6Iowa 
36 Ripperger, Kathy1Iowa 
37 Russ O'Harra Hosta Society6Iowa 
38 Schuchert, Cathy1Iowa 
39 Schulz, Ed67Iowa 
40 Schulz, Elsie1Iowa 
41 Schwarz, Jim148IowaFormer owner of Jim's Hostas in Iowa and active in the Dubuque Arboretum Society.
42 Schwarz, Karen24IowaFormer owner of Jim's Hostas in Iowa.
43 Seitz, Traci2IowaGranny T's Gardens in Iowa
44 Simmering, Ron18IowaRon Simmering is a hosta hybridizer from Iowa who has served as President of the Mississippi Valley Hosta Society.
45 Spece, Josh5Iowa 
46 Stark, Dean10Iowa, Dean Stark the owner of Stark Gardens in Norwalk, Iowa until 2004 when it was sold.
47 Stark, Gunther10IowaGunther Stark (1923-2003) was the owner of Stark Gardens in Norwalk, Iowa. Gunther and his wife, Geneva, started the nursery in 1954 and it was operated by their son, Dean Stark until 2004 when it was sold.
48 Stratton, Elizabeth5Iowa 
49 Stratton, John5Iowa 
50 Strub, Dick1Iowa 
51 Strub, Louise1Iowa 
52 Tramposch, Kurt1Iowa Weir Gardens in Iowa
53 Trott, Joyce1Iowa 
54 Van Wyck, Trudy23IowaTrudy Van Wyke is a member of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society in Iowa and is part of the Hosta Seed Growers group.
55 Weiss, Sharon1Iowa 
56 White, Jeff10Iowa 
57 White, M.1Iowa 
58 Willett, Lance1Iowa 
59 Wilson, Audra4IowaAudra Wilson has served as president of the Russ O’Harra Hosta Society and maintains a hosta garden that includes early introductions from such noted hybridizers as Herb Benedict, Russ O’Harra, Bob Kuk, Van Wade, Gunther Stark and others.
60 Wilson, Bob1Iowa 
61 Wolfe, A.1Iowa 
62 Woodroffe, Fleeta Brownell6IowaFleeta Brownell Woodruffe (1894-1990) was garden editor at Better Homes and Gardens from 1942 to 1959 and also worked for the Des Moines Register newspaper from 1940 to 1984.
63 Woods, Doyle9Iowa 
64 Zager, Herbert A.16IowaHerbert A. Zager (1885-1965) was a hybridizer from Des Moines, Iowa.

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