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1 Amberg, Mary1Massachusetts 
2 Beal, R.1Massachusetts 
3 Bemis, Royall8MassachusettsRoyall Wilson Bemis (1911-1993) owned Blackthorne Gardens in Massachussetts.
4 Bennett, Gerry2Massachusetts 
5 Briggs Nursery-MA2MassachusettsMultiple generation business in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.
6 Brodeur, Ernie2MassachusettsErnest J. “Ernie” Brodeur (1927-2003) worked at Fairmount Garden in Lowell Massachusetts for nationally known iris, daylily and hosta hybridizer, Elizabeth Nesmith.
7 Donahue, Thomas4Massachusetts 
8 Doughty, Chuck5MassachusettsCochato Nursery in Massachusetts
9 Fraim, Leola1MassachusettsSarah Leola Fraim (1893-1984) owner of Brookwood Gardens in Massachusetts was a noted hybridizer tall bearded iris.
10 Goodenough, Rick129MassachusettsActive in the New England Hosta Society and has written several articles for The Hosta Journal.
11 Gray and Cole Nursery1MassachusettsGray & Cole was a nursery in Ward Hill, Massachusetts. According to The Genus Hosta by W. George Schmid, they carried a range of hostas in their 1942 catalog.
12 Hamblin, Steven1Massachusetts 
13 Harrison, Dr Jamison5MassachusettsDr Jamison Harrison (1903-1966) was a friend of hosta pioneers Florence Shaw, Frances Williams and, perhaps, others in that area.
14 Haskell, Allen2Massachusetts 
15 Hatt, Robert6Massachusetts 
16 Herold, Roy31MassachusettsHe is a member of The New England Hosta Society.
17 Johnson, Robert1Massachusetts 
18 Lachman, Eleanor87MassachusettsEleanor (1915-2004) was a horticulture graduate of the University of Massachusetts. She and her husband, William, were awarded the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2009.
19 Lachman, Wm86MassachusettsWilliam (1912-1998) was a horticulture graduate of Penn State. He and his wife, Eleanor, were awarded the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2009.
20 Lehtola, Paula2MassachusettsPaula Lehtola from Massachusetts is the Vice President Awards and Honors for The American Hosta Society. She is a past President of the New England Hoa Society.
21 McConnell, Allan P.1MassachusettsAllan P. McConnell (1907-1997) from Massachusetts started his namesake plant from seedfrom his friend and noted hostaphile, Mildred Sever.
22 Nesmith, Elizabeth9MassachusettsElizabeth Noble Nesmith (? - 1972) was a member of the New England Hosta Society and owned Fairmount Gardens in Lowell, Massachusetts.
23 Nixon, Bill1Massachusetts 
24 Parks, David5Massachusetts 
25 Phillips, Leonard1Massachusetts 
26 Rouillier, Denis12MassachusettsDenis Rouillier is the owner of Design-Scapes in Massachusetts.
27 Seaver, Mildred123MassachusettsA pioneer in the world of hostas, Mildred (1913-2011) was known as the "Queen of Hostas". She was awarded Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 1988 and Eunice Fishcer Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award in 2006.
28 Shaw, Florence27MassachusettsFlorence M. Shaw (1906-1975) from Weston, Massachusetts was one of the earliest and most influencial hosta hybridizers .
29 Sturtevant, Grace1Massachusetts 
30 Tucker, Jeffrey - MA1Massachusetts 
31 Vaughn, Kevin61Massachusetts MississippiAs a teenager, Dr Vaughn was friends with hosta pioneers Florence Shaw and Mildred Seaver. he was awarded the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 1999 and Eunice Fishcer Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award in 2012.
32 Williams, Connie9MassachusettsDr Constance “Connie” Williams (1908-1998) who had a PhD in economics was the daughter of hosta pioneer, Frances Williams. She was a past president of The New England Hosta Society.
33 Williams, Frances30MassachusettsFrances Ropes Williams (1882-1969) was one of the “Pioneers” of the hosta world. A Landscape Architecturer graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she was a renowned plantswoman.
34 Xavier-Sakr, Suzzane6Massachusetts 

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