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1 Arrowhead Nursery1MichiganThis is a specialty plant nursery near Fowlerville, Michigan.
2 Asch, Stuart75MichiganRetired teacher who was introduced to hostas by hosta pioneer Pauline Banyai in the early 1980s.
3 Bachik, Daisy1MichiganDaisy is the sister of hosta pioneer, Pauline Banyai.
4 Banyai, Pauline50MichiganPauline Banyai (1920-1992) introduced one of the all-time classic variegated hostas, H. ‘Gold Standard’. She lived in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan and sold hostas at the local farmer’s market.
5 Beikmann, Stan5MichiganStan Beikmann is a Professor Emeritus of Horticulture and Landscape Design from Andrews University in Michigan.
6 Belle Gardens17MichiganThis was a nursery in Centerline, Michigan owned by Nancy Krul (1942-1998).
7 Benedict, Dorothy18MichiganWife of hosta pioneer, Herb Benedict, The AHS Display Garden in Tipton, MI is named for him and Dorothy.
8 Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb)349MichiganA veterinarian and renowned hybridizer, Herb (1913-2004) was awarded the 1984 Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award. The AHS Display Garden in Tipton, MI is named for him and his wife, Dorothy.
9 Bergeron, Amy10MichiganAmy Bergeron was a manager of the greenhouse facilities at Walters Gardens in Zeeland, Michigan.
10 Brown, Sandy7Michigan 
11 Buback, Kelli1MichiganOwner of Buback Gardens in Michigan.
12 Canning, Rob1MichiganPurchased the Lakeside group of hostas from Mary Chastain at her retirement.
13 Claeys, Rob1Michigan 
14 Clifford, John5MichiganSeries of hostas that all begin with the word "Cliffords".
15 Courtney, Donna1Michigan 
16 DaPra, Sarah4Michigan 
17 Deshane, H.1Michigan 
18 Diaz, Ariel1Michigan 
19 Dishon, Jim17MichiganRetired engineer with the Ford Motor Company
20 Draheim, Gerald1MichiganJerry is a retired horticulturist with Michigan State University.
21 Elslager, Ed253MichiganDr Elslager (1924-2005) had a PhD in Organic Chemistry and was a renowned hosta hybridizer. The Ed Elslager Hybridizer Society is named for him.
22 Englerth, Lawrence10MichiganLarry Englerth (1905-1986) was owner and operator of Englerth Gardens in Hopkins, Michigan near Grand Rapids.
23 Falstad, C.H.21MichiganClarence (C.H.) Falstad, III has been a long time employee of Walters Gardens, Inc. in Michigan. He is a past President (2001-2003) of The American Hosta Society and received the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2006.
24 Foughty, C.1Michigan 
25 Gage, Terry1Michigan 
26 Groothuis, Mike6Michigan 
27 Hansen, Hans119MichiganHybridizer of several plant species, he has worked at Shady Oaks Nurser and currently works at Walters Gardens in Michigan.
28 Heinz, David4Michigan 
29 Heller, Virginia1Michigan 
30 Herrema, Ken5Michigan 
31 Hiselman, Paula1Michigan 
32 Jones, Gil27MichiganDr Lloyd (Gil) Jones is a retired medical doctor. He lived in Jackson, Michigan on Warwick Drive before moving to his native Georgia after retirement.
33 Kovalcsik, Joanna19Michigan 
34 Krossa, Gus27MichiganGus Krossa (1896-1980) of Michigan was an early hostaphile who was very active importing plants, including hostas, from Japan in the 1950s and 60s.
35 Krul, Nancy21MichiganNancy Krul (1942-1998) was the owner of Belle Gardens nursery in Centerline, Michigan.
36 Kulpa, John16MichiganJohn Kulpa is a retired school teacher from Michigan who hybridized hostas in the 1980s and 90s.
37 Lehnard, Paul1Michigan 
38 Lichacz, Susan4Michigan 
39 Lisik, Philip2Michigan 
40 Livingston, Ron189MichiganRetired science teacher and co-creater of the Fraternal Order of Seedy Fellows hybridizing group.
41 Marlow, Andy1MichiganAndy Marlow was elected President of The American Hosta Society in 2019. He is a past President of the Minnesota Hosta Society and the Men’s and Women’s Garden Club of Minneapolis.
42 Martinez, Maria1Michigan 
43 Munson, Jim1Michigan 
44 Nelson, N.1Michigan 
45 Overhiser, Martin9MichiganMartin Overhiser is a retired city planner who now runs My Brother’s Fruit in Michigan. He is a member of the Michigan Hosta Society.
46 Owens, Clarence42MichiganClarence Owens (1925-2022) was a retired high school biology teacher from Jackson, Michigan. He was manager of the Ralph (Herb) and Dorothy Benedict Hosta Hillside at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan since its inception.
47 Pace, Glen1Michigan 
48 Rawson, Don32MichiganDon Rawson of Michigan was the Co-chair of the 2021 National Convention of The American Hosta Society in Kalamzoo, MI. He was one of the founders of the Western Michigan Hosta Society and Co-chairs the AHS Nomenclature Committee. Don is the creator of the Hosta Lists website and he also started The Hosta Helper website before turning it over to Ralph Heiden in 1998.
49 Reath, David7MichiganDr David Reath (1927-1995) was a veterinarian from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He was a founding member of The American Hosta Society.
50 Ryan (Unknown)1Michigan 
51 Sal, Eric1Michigan 
52 Sanders, Bob1Michigan 
53 Sauve, Criste6Michigan 
54 Schmid, Tom19MichiganTom Schmid was the owner of Schmid Nursery Gardens & Landscaping in Jackson, Michigan.
55 Schmidt, Bevie20MichiganBevie Schmidt and her husband, Mark own Hosta Hills Gardens in Michigan.
56 Singer, Mary1Michigan 
57 Smith, S.D.7Michigan 
58 Struhar, Bill6Michigan 
59 Tisch, Roland3Michigan 
60 Torvinen, Andy2Michigan 
61 Trucks, Gary19MichiganGary Trucks is owner of Amber Waves Gardens in Michigan.
62 Veldeman, Linda1Michigan 
63 Vrable, Jim1Michigan 
64 Walters Gardens119MichiganOne of the world's largest producers of herbaceous perennials and located in Zeeland, Michigan. Mark Zilis started their tissue culture lab in 1976. Renowned hybridizer Hans Hansen now works for Walters.
65 Weigand, Ray1MichiganWeigand's Nursery in Michigan
66 Westendorp, Jeff1Michigan 
67 Wilkins, Dr Jim38MichiganDr Jim Wilkins (1941-2019), a dermatologist in Michigan, got involved with hostas in the 1980s after being introduced to Herb Benedict. Jim was a past preside The American Hosta Society serving between 1998 and 2001. He was also a past International Registrar for the Genus Hosta (succeeded by Kevin Walek) and was the recipient of the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award in 2007.
68 Wilkins, Jill12Michigan 
69 Wilkins, Sandy8MichiganSandy (Straka) Wilkins has been very active in the Indianapolis Hosta Society and the Michigan Hosta Society. She was the founder of the annual Hosta College.
70 Wilson, Chris20MichiganHallson Gardens in Michigan
71 Woodford, R.3Michigan 
72 Woszczyna, Tom1Michigan 
73 Zelenka Nursery1Michigan 
74 Zwagerman, Hannah1Michigan 
75 Zwagerman, Mary2Michigan 

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