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1 Abrams, Deb1New York 
2 Aden, Paul267New YorkEditor of The Hosta Book, Paul (1925-2010) was noted for introducing hundreds of new hostas developed by himself or by others from his nursery, Garden of Aden in New York.
3 Bailey, Liberty Hyde6New YorkLiberty Hyde Bailey (1858-1954) was born in South Haven, Michigan and started his career at Michigan Agriculture College (now Michigan State University) and later became a noted professor at Cornell University in New York.
4 Balletta, Patricia1New YorkPat Balletta (1931-2011) was a member of the American Hemerocallis Society Long Island Daylily Society, Bay Shore Garden Club and of the American Federated Garden Clubs.
5 Brandt-Sorheim, Peter6New YorkB.Peter Brandt-Sørheim was one of the originators of the Western New York Hosta Society in 1996.
6 Burlingame, Nancy1New York 
7 Chamberlain, Steve89New YorkNeuroscientist at Syracuse University. Created the "Academy" series of hostas and uses references to the works of author J.R.R. Tokien in naming many of his hostas.
8 Dalton, Jim19New York 
9 Dalton, Meg19New York 
10 Donsky, George8New YorkGeorge Donsky (1945-2010) was very active in the Western New York Hosta Society and as an AHS Judge.
11 Eminence Meadows1New YorkEminence Meadows is a small perennial farm in the northern Catskill Mountains.
12 Epstein, Harold4New YorkHarold Epstein (1903-1997) was a founder and former President of the Hortus Club of New York. Harold was also President of the American Rock Garden Society, the Greater New York Orchid Society and the Northeast Region of the American Rhododendron Society.
13 Foster, Eugene3New YorkEugene S. Foster was primarily a reknowned daylily hybridizer from New York.
14 Francis, Carl1New York 
15 Goffery, James3New York 
16 Hajnosz, Carole1New York 
17 Hewes, S.1New York 
18 Jennings, Dave5New YorkGlenville Gardens in New York
19 Koza, Carole2New York 
20 Lydell, Ransom127New YorkOwner of Cooks Nursery and Eagle Bay Gardens since 1981 and has been on the Board of the American Hosta Growers Association.
21 Malloy, Alex337New YorkAn antiquarian and Hosta Master Judge, Alex (1938-2019) had a personal collection of over 3,000 hostas.
22 Malloy, Tony1New York 
23 McElwee, Molly2New York 
24 Murray, Jerry1New York 
25 Orlando, John9New York 
26 Rabinau, Herman1New YorkHerman Rabinau of Baldwin (Long Island), New York was mentioned by Alex Summers in an article in The Hosta Journal (1985 No. 16) as being the source of “Most, if not all, of the H. tokudam(now 'Tokudama') plants in the United Stas."
27 Rassmussen, George5New YorkGeorge Rasmussen is a daylily and hosta hybridizer from Long Island, New York.
28 Schmidt, Jon2New York 
29 Seneca Hill Perennials1New York 
30 Serafin, Viktoria27New YorkViktoria Serafin is the owner of Glenbrook Farm in New York which was established in 1997.
31 Shadrack, Kathy Guest1New York 
32 Shadrack, Mike6New YorkMike Shadrack is a retired member of the London Metropolitan Police who now resides in Buffalo, New York. He has co-authored the Timber Press Pocket Guide to Hostas (2007) with Diana Grenfell and The Book of Little Hostas: 200 Small, Very Small and Mini Varieties (2010) with his wife, Kathy Guest Shadrak.
33 Smead, John J.2New YorkQuest Creek in New York
34 Springarn, Eleanor2New York 
35 Starr, R.2New York 
36 Stevens, Don1New York 
37 Stone, W.1New York 
38 Sully, Marcia4New YorkMarcia Sully is a retired teacher who is a member of the Western New York Hosta Society. She is on the Great Lakes Region Four board of directors and works on the annual Hosta College in Piqua, Ohio. Marcia is also one of the editors of the Online Journal of The American Hosta Society.
39 Terpening, Kent34New YorkKent Terpening from New York has been hybridizing hostas since the 199 and is a member of the Fraternal Order of Seedy Fellows hosta hybridizing group.
40 Tobey, Marion1New York 
41 Tylinski, Stan10New YorkStan Tylinski of New York is a member of the Tri-State Hosta Society.
42 Weissenberger, Henry13New York 

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