No.Originator/RegistrantCultivarsState/Country- - - - - - - - - - - - - About the Originator - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1 Artley, A.1North Carolina 
2 Avent, Tony114North CarolinaOwner of Plant Delights Nursery, Tony is a well known plant explorer and creator of the Juniper Level Botanical Gardens in North Carolina. Winner of Eunice Fischer Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award in 2015.
3 Benfield, Jeff1North Carolina 
4 Byrd, I.1North Carolina 
5 Carpenter, Kate5North Carolina 
6 Crowder, Allen1North CarolinaHawksridge Farms in Hickory, North Carolina
7 Eason, S.1North Carolina 
8 Farmer, Ann1North Carolina 
9 Franks, Richard2North Carolina 
10 Isaacs, Charles5North CarolinaCharles Isaacs owns Moongate Farm in North Carolina.
11 Jernigan, Bettie3North CarolinaJernigan Gardens in North Carolina
12 Jones, Leonard17North Carolina 
13 Laible, Philip1North Carolina 
14 Lefever, Wyatt5North Carolina 
15 Markland, Sandie3North Carolina 
16 Niche Gardens1North Carolina 
17 Powell, Loleta21North CarolinaLoleta Powell (1921-2016) was the owner of Powell’s Iris Haven nursery in North Carolina until 2014.
18 Ray, Graham1North Carolina 
19 Santa Lucia, Vic4North CarolinaVic Santa Lucia was President of The American Hosta Society from 1989 to 1992. A retired school teacher from New York, he moved to North Carolina in the early 1990s and formed a partnership with Van Sellers in Iron Gate Gardens.
20 Scolnik, Patricia8North CarolinaPatricia Scolnik is owner of Breeze Hill Plant Lab in North Carolina. One of the 28 Hosta of the Year winners through 2023 has been from this originator.
21 Sellers, Van10North CarolinaVan Sellers and Vic Santa Lucia own Iron Gate Gardens in North Carolina. They originated the "Iron Gate" series of hostas.
22 Solberg, Robert158North CarolinaOwner of Green Hill Farm nursery and co-founder of The American Hosta Growers Association. Awarded Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award and Eunice Fishcer Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award. Six of his hosta introductions have been included in The American Hosta Society Popularity Polls out of only 151 plants that have appeared at least once in the polls. Two of the 28 Hosta of the Year winners through 2023 have been from this originator.
23 Taylor, J.C.1North Carolina 
24 Tucker, Jeff - NC1North Carolina 
25 Watson, Steve1North CarolinaLily's Garden in Tennessee

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