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1 Addison, Carlon2Ohio 
2 Applegate, Charles2Ohio 
3 Balthemeau, Princetta1Ohio 
4 Barbee, T.R.1OhioT.R. “Dick” Barbee has served as President of the Columbus Hosta Club and belongs to the Hosta Club of Greater Cincinnati. He has served as a leaf judge at hosta leaf shows.
5 Bartley, J.1Ohio 
6 Beilstein, Doug153OhioDoug is a dentist and former AHS President. He was the Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award winner in 2017.
7 Beilstein, Mardy75OhioWife of Doug Beilstein and co-registrant of many hostas.
8 Blue Jean Farms2OhioNursery in Warren, Ohio.
9 Boak, Tim2Ohio 
10 Boonstra, Richard1Ohio 
11 Bowe, Dave27OhioDave is a retired medical doctor.
12 Bronson, Gary2Ohio 
13 Chaulk, Joe1OhioOwners of Amity Farm Hostas and Shade Perennials in Ohio.
14 Chaulk, Sarah1OhioOwners of Amity Farm Hostas and Shade Perennials in Ohio.
15 Cory, Robert2OhioOwner of Cory's Wildflower Gardens in Chillicothe, Ohio.
16 Darr, D.1Ohio 
17 Demetriou, Brenda1Ohio 
18 Demetriou, John1Ohio 
19 Doggett, Sally1Ohio 
20 Ellyson, Craig1Ohio 
21 Frost, Judi1Ohio 
22 Gardenview Horticultural Park2OhioEstablished by Henry Ross in the late 1940s and opened to the public in 1961.
23 Goad, Tom2Ohio 
24 Graves, Butch22OhioButch (Dennis) Graves is a member of the Black Swamp Hosta and Daylily Society in Ohio.
25 Grullemans, John J.5OhioJohn J. Grullemans (1891-1965), originally from the Netherlands, along with Elmer Schultz started Wayside Gardens nursery in Mentor, Ohio in 1920.
26 Hanna, Clarence5Ohio 
27 Hanson, Curt5OhioCurt Hanson owns Crintonic Gardens nursery in Ohio which specializes in daylilies.
28 Hatfield, Handy11OhioHandy (1946-2015) was the owner of Hatfield Gardens in Stoutsville, Ohio. In a program title "Top Ten Events and Hostas of the Past Millenium", hosta expert Bob Solberg listed number 8 as, “The mail-order marketing of Hatfield Gardns…"
29 Heinke, Gretchen1Ohio 
30 Hofer, Linda3OhioAntioch Farms in Ohio
31 Hofer, Paul5OhioPaul Hofer, owner of Antioch Farms, is a hybridizer from Perry, Ohio who is probably best known for introducing the classic cultivar, H. ‘Paul’s Glory’.
32 Homestead Seed Bank1Ohio 
33 Hurlbert, D.1Ohio 
34 Innis Metro Gardens2OhioPart of the Central Ohio Park System near Cleveland.
35 Jones, C.L.1Ohio 
36 Karbula, Steve2Ohio 
37 Kingwood Center Gardens1OhioLocated in Mansfield, Ohio, Kingwood Center Gardens is renowned for its distinctive floral displays, unique plant specimens, woodland trails, historic mansion and gardens.
38 Kipplen, Ed1Ohio 
39 Klotz, B.7Ohio 
40 Klotz, Ruby15OhioRuby Klotz is owner of Dogtown Farms nursery on Dogtown Road in Ohio. She is a member of the Black Swamp Hosta and Daylily Society.
41 Kridler, Barrie2Ohio 
42 Kuk, Bob71OhioOwner o f Kuk's Forest Nursery, Bob (1947-2012) was awarded the Eunice Fishcer Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award in 2011.
43 Lamlein, Robert1Ohio 
44 Langfelder, Richard1Ohio 
45 Lewis, C.1Ohio 
46 Lohman, Doug7OhioOwner of Lohman's Feed Store & Garden Center in Ohio.
47 Love, Kenny1Ohio 
48 Meissner, O.5OhioMrs O. Meissner from Garden City, Long Island, New York. The name “Meissner” is associated with several early hostas but we have been unable to find a first name or whether this is one person or several.
49 Milhorn, Hank6OhioHank and Jane Milhorn are the owners of Hoot Owl Hollow Nature Preserve and Botanical Garden in Ohio.
50 Milhorn, Jane6OhioHank and Jane Milhorn are the owners of Hoot Owl Hollow Nature Preserve and Botanical Garden in Ohio.
51 Moldovan, Steve28OhioSteve Moldovan (1938-2006) was the owner of Moldovan Gardens in Ohio.
52 Mondt, Manfred3Ohio 
53 Pallone, D.1Ohio 
54 Parsons, Phil1Ohio 
55 Rocknell Nursery3Ohio 
56 Ross, Henry6OhioHenry Ross (1926-2014) created the Gardenview Horticultural Park in Strongsville, Ohio in 1949 and opened it to the public in 1961.
57 Ruetenik, Bonnie1Ohio 
58 Ruh, Jean90OhioJean and her husband, Peter, registered many hostas on behalf of themselves and others.
59 Ruh, Peter449OhioOwner of Sunnybrook Farms, Peter (1921-2016) registered many hostas on behalf of himself and other originators. He was awarded the 1984 Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award and the 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award
60 Ruh, Tim1Ohio 
61 Salamon, Nancy1Ohio 
62 Saur, B.1Ohio 
63 Schenk, George2Ohio 
64 Seale, Rob2Ohio 
65 Skrocki, Ed3Ohio 
66 Soucek, Jon2OhioJon Soucek (1949-2013) and his daughter, Rachel started hybridizing hostas in the early 1990s in Ohio. Jon was a founding member and President of the North Coast Hosta Society of Ohio. He was a certified judge at hosta shows and a past President of the Great Lakes Region of The American HostSociety.
67 Soucek, Rachel7Ohio 
68 Stadden, John19OhioJosh Stadden from Ohio was inspired by hosta legend, Dr Jim Wilkins and started hybridizing hostas at the tender age of 9.
69 Stoddard, Gary1Ohio 
70 Thiemann, Olga3Ohio 
71 Tuttle, Charles1Ohio 
72 Vasey, Mike6Ohio 
73 Wade, Shirley3Ohio 
74 Wade, Van342OhioVan (1930-2017) was owner of Wade and Gatton Nursery and winner of the 2002 Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.
75 Ward, Dr Dick213OhioDick (1933-2021) was a Medical Doctor and winner of Eunice Fishcer Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award in 2010.
76 Ward, Jane213OhioCo-Registrant of many new hostas with her husband, Dick.
77 Wassmann, Hilda1Ohio 
78 Wayside Gardens8OhioThe hostas listed were originated when Wayside Gardens was located in Mentor, Ohio before being purchased by Park's Seed Co.
79 White, Peter1Ohio 
80 Whitmer, Milt7Ohio 
81 Willetts, Jesse3Ohio 
82 Wogoman, Gene1Ohio 
83 Zidonis, Rita2Ohio 
84 Zidonis, Wayne2Ohio 
85 Zumbar, Wm46OhioWilliam Zumbar (1935-2011) was a hybridizer of small hostas who lived in Alliance, Ohio.

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