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1 Ballantyne, Diana1Oregon 
2 Ballantyne, Don1Oregon 
3 Black, Paul2OregonFrom Sebright Gardens in Salem, Oregon.
4 Borsch, Wm3OregonWilliam Borsch (1859-1938) and his son, Fred, owned the William Borsch & Son nursery in Multnomah, Oregon until 1945. His was one of the first nurseries to offer hostas in the 1920s and 30s.
5 Caprice Farm Nursery2OregonNursery in Sherwood, Oregon.
6 Gossett, Gary3Oregon 
7 Heims, Dan10OregonDan Heims of Terra Nova Nurseries in Oregon, is a plant explorer, plant breeder, teacher, speaker and writer.
8 Hottovy, Les3Oregon 
9 Hottovy, Steve3OregonBeyond Green LLC in Oregon
10 Hyslop, Jay2OregonJay Hyslop was part owner of Walden West Nursery in Scotts Mills, Oregon and became proprietor after the death of owner Dr. Charles Purtymun in 2007.
11 Janet Starnes Nursery1OregonNursery of the late Janet E. Starnes (1937-2020).
12 Johnson, Thomas1OregonFrom Sebright Gardens in Salem, Oregon.
13 Joy Creek Nursery1OregonNursery in Scappoose, Oregon which closed in 2021
14 Korlipara, Harini1Oregon 
15 Marx, Walter1OregonMarx's Garden in Oregon
16 Purtymun, Charles57OregonDr. Charles (Chuck) Purtymun (1920-2007) was a dentist from Arizona who developed the Walden West Nursery and an interest in hostas after moving to Oregon in the 1970s.
17 Rogers, Allan1OregonCaprice Farm Nursery of Oregon
18 Sebright Gardens6Oregon 
19 Starker, Carl2OregonCharles “Carl” Starker (1892-1988) owned the Carl Starker Floral Shop in Jennings Lodge, Oregon until his retirement in 1981.
20 Terra Nova Nurseries4Oregon 
21 Tompkins, Chet71OregonAs owner of Morningside Nurseries in Sioux City, IA and Fleur De Lis Gardens in Oregon, Chet (1912-2001) hybridized hostas and iris.
22 Tompkins, Cynthia16OregonCynthia Tompkins (1870-1951) from Thurston CountNebraska was one of the first Americans who actively hybridized hostas back in the 1930s. Her son, Chet, continued this legacy
23 Wagner, Wally2Oregon 

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