No.Cultivar Used As:Pod Parent -Pollen Parent -Sport Mother -In the BackgroundTOTAL OFFSPRINGSourceRegistered
1 'Alligator Shoes'00202Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Hatfield, Handy & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta Society.2009
2 'Best of Twenty'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb)--NR--
3 'Blue Jay'13015Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1987
4 'Blue Steel'10001Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).2009
5 'Bridegroom'10405Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Gowen, Hideko.1990
6 'Clyde's Birthday'21003Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb)--NR--
7 'Crested Surf'23016Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1990
8 'Cutting Edge'1001314Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Gowen, Hideko.1999
9 'Dorothy Benedict'150251461250Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1983
10 'Dorset Clown'823013Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod.2010
11 'Eagle'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb)--NR--
12 'Fan Dance'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1987
13 'Flower Song'10001Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta Society.2009
14 'Gay Feather'10102Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1983
15 'Gil Jones'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1990
16 'Golden Eagle'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1998
17 'Golden Hawk'22004Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1984
18 'Golden Torch'01001Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1984
19 'Grand Slam'13102034Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1990
20 'Green Eyes'01102Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1990
21 'Hideko Tajima'10001Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Dean, Don.2004
22 'Hot Flash'42006Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1991
23 'Jim Wilkins'20002Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1990
24 'Lavender Lace'10001Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta Society.2009
25 'Liberty Bell'4022127Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1985
26 'Little Jill'10001Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod.2010
27 'Little Jim'720110Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1986
28 'Nifty Fifty'10001Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1986
29 'Nooner'11002Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1991
30 'Now and Then'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod.2010
31 'Oh Cindy'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb)--NR--
32 'One Man's Treasure'23722254Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Solberg, Robert.1999
33 'Outrageous'1412724Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta Society.2009
34 'Pistol'20002Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb)--NR--
35 'Purple Perfection'01045Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod.2010
36 'Purple Verticulated Elf'5111926Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).2003
37 'Rhapsody in Blue'24006Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1995
38 'Rippled Honey'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Ruh, Peter.2005
39 'Salute'11404964Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1995
40 'Simply Sharon'00202Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuk, Bob.2004
41 'Sweet Jill'00101Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1986
42 'Tsuma Tajima'42028Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod.2010
43 zz Herb Benedict Totals250574868423Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) 

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