No.Hybrid HostasPod Parentx Pollen ParentSourceRegistered
1 'All Aflutter' (Dean)'Northern Heritage'Hosta laevigataDean, Don.2019
2 'Astral Bliss''Cutting Edge'UnknownDean, Don.2009
3 'Best Friend''Astral Bliss''Purple Verticulated Elf'Dean, Don & Poos, David.2020
4 'Blood, Sweat and Tears''Little Wonder''Aspen Gold'Dean, Don.2000
5 'Bojangles''Swoosh'Hosta kikutii yakusimensisDean, Don.1999
6 'Cascading Waters''Liberty Bell'Hosta hypoleucaDean, Don.2005
7 'Celtic Bouquet'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2011
8 'Celtic Dancer''Grand Slam''Party Favor'Dean, Don.2008
9 'Celtic Uplands'Complex CrossHosta yingeriDean, Don.2005
10 'Cloud Illusions'Complex Cross'Mister Red Genes'Dean, Don.2022
11 'Country Candied Confection'Complex Cross'Candy Dish' (Summers)Dean, Don.2020
12 'Country Double Take'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2019
13 'Country Dreaming'Complex CrossUnknownDean, Don.2013
14 'Country Flamethrower''Evening Inferno'UnknownDean, Don.2022
15 'Country Melody'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2013
16 'Country Rippled Relic''Party Favor''Grand Slam' seedlingDean, Don.2019
17 'Country River Rapids'Complex Cross'Astral Bliss'Dean, Don.2020
18 'Country Road''Rocky Road'UnknownDean, Don.2000
19 'Country Warrior'Complex Cross'Russ O'Harra'Dean, Don.2017
20 'Crimson Desire'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2017
21 'Crinkled Leather'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2014
22 'Dancing Crane'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2020
23 'Deep Waters'Complex Cross'Sea Frolic'Dean, Don.2014
24 'Double Eagle''Sagae'UnknownDean, Don.2000
25 'Ebony Spires''Urajiro Hachijo''John Wargo'Dean, Don.1999
26 'Ebony Towers'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2005
27 'Endearing Endeavor''Breeder's Choice''Blue Jay'Dean, Don.2009
28 'Endless Gift''Top of the Mornin''Night Flight'Dean, Don.2022
29 'Enduring Beacon''Liberty Bell''June'Dean, Don.2009
30 'Evening Blush''Hideko Tajima''Purple Verticulated Elf'Dean, Don.2013
31 'Evening Inferno'Complex Cross'Designer Genes'Dean, Don.2019
32 'Faith''Evening Magic''Big Daddy'Dean, Don.1999
33 'Fluff and Puff'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2020
34 'Fluted Fountain''Sun Power' seedling'Donahue Piecrust'Dean, Don.1999
35 'Focal Point'Complex Cross'Fire Island'Dean, Don.2019
36 'Forest Firefly''Neat Splash'Complex CrossDean, Don.2008
37 'Frilly Frolic''Sea Frolic'Hosta kiyosumiensisDean, Don.2015
38 'Frosted Dimples''Blue Dimples''Silver Frost'Dean, Don.1999
39 'Fruit Punch''Urajiro Hachijo''Crested Surf'Dean, Don.1999
40 'Garnet Spires'Complex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki'Dean, Don.2005
41 'Geneva Remembrance''Big Daddy'UnknownDean, Don.1996
42 'Glacial Towers''Breeder's Choice''Corduroy'Dean, Don.2009
43 'Heartbeat''Liberty Bell''Dorset Blue'Dean, Don.1999
44 'Hearts in Motion''Astral Bliss'Complex CrossDean, Don.2016
45 'Her Eyes Were Blue''Frosted Dimples''Sea Frolic'Dean, Don.2008
46 'Hideko Tajima''Tsuma Tajima''Tsuma Tajima'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Dean, Don.2004
47 'King's Ransom''Sun Power'UnknownDean, Don.1999
48 'Leather and Lace'Complex Cross'Astral Bliss'Dean, Don.2013
49 'Li'l Ruffian'Complex Cross'Chabo Unazuki'Dean, Don.2022
50 'Lipstick Sunset'Complex Cross'Beet Salad'Dean, Don.2018
51 'Louie Louie'Complex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki'Dean, Don.2014
52 'Making Waves''Hideko Tajima''Purple Verticulated Elf'Dean, Don.2022
53 'Memorable Moments'Complex CrossHosta kujosumensisDean, Don.2019
54 'Mighty Mite''Grand Slam'UnknownDean, Don.2004
55 'Moon Dance' (Dean)'First Impressions''Gig Harbor'Dean, Don.2011
56 'Morning Call'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2020
57 'Night at the Opera''Little Wonder''Love Pat'Dean, Don.2014
58 'Night Flight''One Man's Treasure'Complex CrossDean, Don.2015
59 'Night Rhythms'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2020
60 'Northern Heritage''Color Fantasy''Big Daddy'Dean, Don.1999
61 'Northland Queen''Color Fantasy''Silver Frost'Dean, Don.2004
62 'October Sky''Frosted Dimples''Salute'Dean, Don.2008
63 'Parisian Silk'Hosta longipes latifolia'Dorset Blue'Dean, Don.2009
64 'Party Trimmings'Complex Cross'Sparkling Burgundy'Dean, Don.2020
65 'Passionate Pink''Strawberry Surprise''Sun Power' seedlingDean, Don.2011
66 'Peek-a-boo Purple'Complex Cross'Venetian Blue'Dean, Don.2011
67 'Pewterware''Urajiro Hachijo''Blue Moon'Dean, Don.1999
68 'Phyllis'Complex Cross'Sea Drift' seedlingDean, Don & Weidman, Jim.2015
69 'Proud Peacock'Complex Cross'Fluted Fountain'Dean, Don.2016
70 'Proud Sentry'Complex Cross'Venetian Blue'Dean, Don.2008
71 'Pure Intention''Breeder's Choice'UnknownDean, Don.2011
72 'Raucous Ruffles'Complex Cross'Fluted Fountain'Dean, Don.2008
73 'Relentless'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2022
74 'River Dance'Complex Cross'Astral Bliss'Dean, Don.2020
75 'Riviera Sunset''Beatrice''Leather Sheen'Dean, Don.2008
76 'Round About Midnight'Complex Cross'Deane's Dream'Dean, Don.2019
77 'Sapphire Pillows''Color Fantasy''Silver Frost'Dean, Don.2011
78 'Shimmer''Dorset Clown''Silver Bay'Dean, Don.2018
79 'Silver Bay''Silver Frost''Blue Moon'Dean, Don.1999
80 'Silver Tongued Devil''Astral Bliss''Purple Verticulated Elf'Dean, Don.2011
81 'Solitude'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2018
82 'Soul Shine''Babbling Brook'Complex CrossDean, Don.2018
83 'Spartan Spear'Complex Cross'Mikawa-no-yuki'Dean, Don.2012
84 'Sterling Medallion'Complex Cross'Purple Verticulated Elf'Dean, Don.2012
85 'Strawberry Parfait'Complex Cross'June'Dean, Don.2004
86 'Strawberry Surprise''Liberty Bell''Noah's Ark'Dean, Don.2008
87 'Strike Up the Band'Complex Cross'Purple Verticulated Elf'Dean, Don.2022
88 'Stuck on Blue'Complex Cross'Subterranean Pool'Dean, Don.2020
89 'Subterranean Pool''Urajiro Hachijo''Blue Clown'Dean, Don.1999
90 'Summertime Blues''Country Candied Confection''Baby Blue Eyes'Dean, Don.2020
91 'Syncopated Harmony'Complex Cross'Fire Island'Dean, Don.2018
92 'Thrills and Frills'Complex Cross'Fluted Fountain'Dean, Don.2012
93 'Titanium''Urajiro Hachijo''Blue Clown'Dean, Don.2000
94 'Top of the Mornin'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2017
95 'Transitions'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2016
96 'Turbulent Seas''Neat and Tidy''Aspen Gold'Dean, Don.1999
97 'Twinkle Little Star'Complex Cross'Chabo Unazuki'Dean, Don.2017
98 'Whimsey''Midas Touch'UnknownDean, Don.2000
99 'Wishing Well'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2011
100 'Wizard's Illusion'Complex CrossComplex CrossDean, Don.2019
101 'Woodland Elf''Little Wonder''Popo'Dean, Don.2005
102 'Xcuse Me''Crimson Desire''Night Flight'Dean, Don.2020

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