No.Cultivar NamePlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
1 'Holly's Honey'LargeDark-Green -HybridLight-PurpleJuly into AugustHolly, Gladys & The American Hosta Society.1986
2 'Royal Lady'LargeDark-Green -UnknownUnknownAugust to SeptemberHolly, Gladys & The American Hosta Society.1986
3 'Willy Nilly'GiantBlue/Green -HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulyHolly, Gladys & Ruh, Peter.1996
4 'Holly's Green and Gold'LargeBlue/GreenMarginalYellowSportNear-WhiteJune into JulyHolly, Gladys & Fisher, Eunice V. & Ruh, Peter.1997
5 'Chartreuse'SmallMed-Green -HybridPale-LavenderJuly into AugustHolly, Gladys.1998
6 'Golden Anniversary'LargeLight-Green -UnknownPale-LavenderJune into JulyHolly, Gladys & Ruh, Peter.1998
7 'Lady Helen'LargeMed-Green -UnknownPale-LavenderJulyHolly, Gladys & Ruh, Peter.1998
8 'Holly's Hybrid'MediumMed-Green -HybridLight-PurpleJuly into AugustHolly, Gladys & Ruh, Peter.2002
9 'Gladys Holly'MediumMed-Green -UnknownMed-Lavender-Holly, Gladys & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, Jean.2008
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