Where do all those beautiful new cultivars of hosta come from anyway? Well, from people! The term "cultivar" is a cultivated variety of a plant which means that it is grown by people and is not found in nature (that would be a species). The person or people who discover or propagate a new looking hosta are known as the originator(s).

One way of keeping track of all the thousands of different cultivars is to register them with The American Hosta Society which acts as the International Registrar for the Genus Hosta. Unfortunately, many new hostas are never registered which may lead to a fair amount of confusion for the gardening public.

When a hosta cultivar is registered, the form asks for the name of the person who: 1. Originated the cultivar i.e. hybridized it, found it, etc.; 2. Named the cultivar; 3. Introduced it into distribution; and 4. Registered it. In most cases, the answer to all 4 is the same name. However, there are times when all 4 or any combination of the names may be different.

The following list is of people who have either registered or originated a cultivar or both. In some cases, multiple people are listed for a single cultivar or a person has registered a cultivar on behalf of someone else. Although most of the originators are from the U.S. a significant group are also from other countries in the world.



  1. Santa Lucia, Vic
  2. Sauve, Criste
  3. Savory, Dennis
  4. Savory, Robert
  5. Sawyer, Rick
  6. Scheer, Alttara
  7. Schembs, Michael
  8. Schmid, Tom
  9. Schmid, W. George
  10. Schmidt, Bevie
  11. Schmidt, Jon
  12. Schulte, Steve
  13. Schulz, Ed
  14. Schwarz, Jim
  15. Scolnik, Patricia
  16. Seaver, Charles
  17. Seaver, Mildred
  18. Sebright Gardens
  19. Sellers, Van
  20. Serifin, Viktoria
  21. Shadrack, Mike
  22. Shaw, Florence
  23. Shimizu, Toshirou
  24. Shugart, Janet
  25. Silvers, Bill
  26. Simmering, Ron
  27. Simpers, Lucille
  28. Sisson, Kathy
  29. Skaggs, Virginia & Brian
  1. Skrocki, Ed
  2. Sligh, Barry
  3. Smetana, Don
  4. Smith, Eric
  5. Smith, Fred
  6. Snyder, Ron
  7. Solberg, Robert
  8. Soucek, Rachel & John
  9. Soules, Clarence
  10. Soules, Marjorie
  11. Springer, Judy
  12. Squires, Keith
  13. Stadden, Josh
  14. Stark, Gunther
  15. Stegeman, Beverly & Dave
  16. Stephens, Ray
  17. Stone, David
  18. Strandberg, Mark
  19. Stratton, John & Elizabeth
  20. Stygall, Pat
  21. Suggs, Natalee
  22. Sugita, Hajime
  23. Sugita and Ruh Hostas
  24. Sully, Marcia
  25. Summers, Alex
  26. Suzuki, Kichigoro
  27. From Switzerland
  28. Syre-Herz, Ursula


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