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No.Cultivar NameLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
1 'Hadspen Blue'Blue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly to AugustSmith, Eric & Aden, Paul.1976
2 'Hadspen White' (Eric Smith)Light-Green  HybridPure-WhiteAugust to SeptemberSmith, Eric & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, Jean.2001
3 'Hands of Hope'Med-Green  HybridPale-LavenderJune to JulyWheat, J..2020
4 'Hannibal Hamlin'Dark-GreenMarginalYellowTC SportUnknownJuly to AugustBeilstein, Doug & Zilis, Mark.2009
5 'Heat Wave'Blue/GreenMedialYellowSportPale-LavenderJuneVan den Top, Jan--NR--
6 'High Noon'Yellow  UnknownPale-LavenderJune to JulySeaver, Mildred.2004
7 'Hirao Imperial'Med-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderAugust to September to OctoberHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1998
8 'Hollywood Tin Cup'Dark-Green  SportNear-WhiteJuly to AugustKrueger, M. & Krueger, F..2019
9 'Holmen Class of '59'Light-Green  UnknownMed-LavenderJuly to AugustKwick, Charles.2017
10 'Holy Grail'Light-GreenMarginalBlue-GreenSportPale-LavenderJuly to AugustDeckert, Emile & Deckert, Jane.2004
11 'Holy Mouse Ears'Blue/GreenMedialCreamy WhiteTC SportLight-PurpleJulyZilis, Mark & Deckert, Emile & Deckert, Jane.2006
12 'Honey Brickle'Yellow  UnknownNear-WhiteJune to JulySchulz, Ed.2013
13 'Honey Hill Shimmer and Shimmy'Blue/GreenMarginalYellowHybridPale-LavenderJuly to AugustErb, Marsha Axmear.1999
14 'Hot Diggity Dog'Light-GreenMarginalYellowHybridPure-WhiteJune to JulyElslager, Ed.1998
15 'Humor'Med-Green  HybridPale-LavenderJuly to AugustUnknown & Ruh, Peter.1998
16 'Hypnosis'Dark-GreenMarginalWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly to AugustZilis, Mark.2010

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