Awards and Honors - The American Hosta Society has developed a whole range of awards and honors to recognize not only outstanding member achievements but also outstanding hosta cultivars. Some awards are for contributions to the AHS, some are for participants in the leaf shows and still others are for individual gardens and hostas included in the National Convention tours.

Awards and Honors presented at the 2012 AHS Convention in Nashville, Tennessee included:

Alex J Summers Distinguished Service Award - This award was established in 1982 to honor one the founding members of The American Hosta Society, Mr. Alex J. Summers of Bridgeville, Delaware.

The award is divided into two parts. The first honors a member of the AHS who has given outstanding service to the Society, the furtherance of the genus, Hosta, or both. As part of the recipient's acceptance address, he or she is to select a hosta and discuss its merits as an outstanding or significant plant.

Mr. PGC Link: HostaHelper list of Summers Award Winners.

Alex J. Summers Award Hosta - This award goes to a hosta species or cultivar with distinguished merit as selected by the recipient of the Alex J. Summers Distinguished Merit Award. The hosta's merit is detailed in the acceptance address of the Summers Award recipient.

Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award - This award was established in 2006 in honor of a pioneer hosta hybridizer and founding member of The American Hosta Society, Eunice V. Fisher of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

There are two parts to this award. First, the Hybridizer Merit Award is given to a person who has contributed to the advancement of the genus, Hosta, through his or her hybridizing efforts. The second part, the Distinguished Merit Hosta Award, goes to a cultivar of the hybridizer's choice from his or her breeding program.

Mr. PGC Link: HostaHelper list of Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Winners...


Hosta Show Awards at the National Convention

.     AHS President's Exhibitors Award - Overall champion in the cut-leaf exhibit show at the AHS National Convention.
.     AHS Best Container Grown Hosta Award
.     AHS Best Trough/Container Garden Arranged for Effect Award
.     AHS Sweepstakes Award
.     AHS Kevin Vaughn Youth Achievement Award
.     AHS Artistic Design Award
.     AHS Best Educational Display Award
.     AHS Best Seedling or Sport Award

Benedict Garden Performance Awards

.     Benedict Garden Performance Medal
.     Benedict Garden Performance Awards of Merit
.     Benedict Garden Performance Honorable Mention Awards

National Convention Gardens Awards - The convention attendees vote on various aspects of the private gardens that are part of the tours.

.     AHS Best Grown Hosta Clump (Single Clump)
.     AHS Best Grown Hosta Clumps (Multiple Clumps)
.     AHS Best Use of Companion Plants and Specimens (non hosta)
.     AHS Best Use of Non-Plant Material
.     AHS Best Use of Hostas in a Landscape Feature
.     AHS Best Seedling or Sport (originated by garden owner)

Hosta Auction Awards

.     Outstanding Auction Contributor - National Convention Auction
.     Outstanding On-Line Auction Contributor
.     Top Choice Donation - National Convention Auction
.     Top Choice Donation - On-Line Auction

Local Society Activity Awards

.     AHS Best Local Society Newsletter and Editor Award
.     AHS Best Local Society Newsletter Article and Author Award

Photography Contest Awards

.     1. Hosta Close-up
.     2. Mature Hosta Clump
.     3. Landscape Showing Multiple Clumps
.     4. Hostas in the Landscape
.     5. Artistic Impression

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