No.CultivarSourcePlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeason
1 'A Dog of Flanders'Philips, HugoMediumMed-Green  HybridUnknownUnknown
2 'Abana'Dupre, DirkMediumDark-GreenMedialYellowSportUnknownJuly to August
3 'Abba Diana Reeck'Aden, Paul & Zilis, Mark & The American Hosta SocietyMediumDark-GreenMedialWhiteUnknownUnknownUnknown
4 'Abba Double Header'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkMediumMed-GreenMedialWhiteUnknownUnknownJune to July
5 'Abba Flower Mound'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkSmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteUnknownUnknownUnknown
6 'Abba Fragrant Backscratcher'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkLargeMed-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownUnknownUnknown
7 'Abba Irresistible'Zilis, Mark & The American Hosta Society & Aden, PaulMediumDark-GreenMedialCreamy YellowUnknownLight-PurpleJuly to August
8 'Abba Ready'Zilis, Mark & The American Hosta Society & Aden, PaulMediumMed-GreenMarginalWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
9 'Abba Rough'Aden, PaulMediumBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune to July
10 'Abba Soul Mate'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkSmallBlue/GreenMedialBlue-GreenUnknownUnknownJuly to August
11 'Abba Windows'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkMediumLight-GreenStreakedYellowSportNear-WhiteJuly to August
12 'Akane'Watanabe, Kenji & Hawes, James & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanMediumDark-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleAugust to September
13 'Andrew Dennis'Weissenberger, Henry & Zilis, MarkLargeBlue/GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownUnknownUnknown
14 'Andrew's Moody Mom'Wolfe, A. & Freeman, FrancMediumBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
15 'At Attention'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumLight-Green  UnknownUnknownAugust to September
16 'Autumn Joy'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeMed-Green  UnknownUnknownAugust to September
17 'Awesome'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMiniatureMed-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly
18 'Azure Frills'Zilis, MarkMediumBlue/Green  HybridLight-PurpleJuly to August
19 'Baby Blue'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune to July
20 'Baja White'Zilis, MarkSmallDark-Green  SportUnknownAugust to September
21 'Bashful Polly'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumYellowStreakedGreenHybridNear-WhiteJune to July
22 'Beautiful Dreamer' (Ward)Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneMediumMed-GreenMarginalWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
23 'Becky's Choice'Zilis, MarkMediumBlue/Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
24 'Benedict's Heart's Desire'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
25 'Benedict's Jelly Bean'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJuly to August
26 'Benedict's Regal Rhubarb'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownUnknownUnknown
27 'Benedict's Wild Fire'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/Green  UnknownMed-LavenderAugust to September
28 'Best Yet'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly to August
29 'Billy Bob Angel'Zilis, MarkLargeDark-Green  HybridUnknownJune to July
30 'Black and Blue'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
31 'Blonde Elf'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkSmallYellow  SportLight-PurpleJuly
32 'Blue Butterfly'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderAugust
33 'Blue Hearts'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune to July
34 'Blue Jewel'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownMed-LavenderJuly to August
35 'Blue Lollipop'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMiniatureBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
36 'Blue Mammoth'Aden, Paul & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanGiantBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune to July
37 'Blue Pebbles'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod & The American Hosta SocietyMediumBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJuly to August
38 'Blue Pointer'Zilis, MarkLargeBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune to July
39 'Blue Seer'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkGiantBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune to July
40 'Blue Sensation'Zilis, MarkLargeBlue/Green  SportNear-WhiteJune to July
41 'Blue Sliver'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/Green  HybridPure-WhiteJuly
42 'Blue Urchin'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
43 'Blue Valentine'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod & The American Hosta SocietySmallBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
44 'Blue Vamp'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMiniatureBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
45 'Blue Veil'Aden, Paul & Ruh, PeterLargeBlue/Green  SportPale-LavenderJuly to August
46 'Blue Wu'King, JimLargeBlue/Green  HybridPure-WhiteJuly to August
47 'Blue You Bet'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod & The American Hosta SocietyMediumBlue/Green  UnknownPure-WhiteJune to July
48 'Blueberry Swirl'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodLargeMed-GreenStreakedYellowUnknownNear-WhiteJuly to August
49 'Bluestone'Ruh, JeanLargeBlue/Green  HybridMed-LavenderJune to July
50 'Brick Back'Zolock, Steve & Zolock, SarahMediumDark-Green  HybridUnknownUnknown
51 'Bright Lights'Unknown & Zilis, MarkMediumYellowMarginalBlue-GreenSportNear-WhiteJune to July
52 'Buttercup'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod & The American Hosta SocietyLargeYellow-Gold  HybridNear-WhiteJuly to August
53 'California Gold Rush'Zilis, MarkLargeLight-GreenMarginalGreenSportNear-WhiteJuly
54 'Chartreuse Waves'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkSmallYellow  UnknownUnknownUnknown
55 'Cheesecake'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkMiniatureMed-GreenMarginalWhiteSportLight-PurpleAugust
56 'Chimney Rock'Kuenster, RodUnknownDark-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridMed-LavenderJune to July
57 'Christmas Eve'Avent, TonyMediumDark-GreenMedialWhiteSportUnknownJune to July
58 'Chromosphere'Zilis, MarkMediumYellow  HybridUnknownJuly to August
59 'Clown Belly'Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/GreenStreakedWhiteHybridPale-LavenderJune to July
60 'Coach Paul Castro'Freeman, FrancMediumMed-GreenStreakedYellowHybridUnknownAugust to September
61 'Coach Terry Paustian'Freeman, FrancSmallMed-GreenStreakedYellowHybridUnknownAugust to September
62 'Coal Miner'Petryszyn, OlgaSmallDark-Green  HybridUnknownJune to July
63 'Cobra's Lair'Philips, HugoMediumBlue/Green  HybridUnknownUnknown
64 'Color Me Yellow'Freeman, Franc & Freeman, SallyMediumUnknown  SportUnknownUnknown
65 'Color Revolt'Rawson, DonLargeMed-Green  SportMed-LavenderJuly to August
66 'Color Riot'Tompkins, Chet & Tompkins, Cynthia & Ruh, PeterSmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteHybridPale-LavenderJune to July
67 'Commander'Zilis, MarkLargeMed-GreenMarginalWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
68 'Cool Blue'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownMed-LavenderJune to July
69 'Cool Dreams'Zilis, MarkMediumBlue/Green  HybridPale-LavenderJune to July
70 'Cool Waters'Zilis, MarkMediumBlue/Green  HybridLight-PurpleJune to July
71 'Cosmic Breeder'Kuenster, RodLargeDark-GreenStreakedYellowHybridUnknownJune to July
72 'Cosmic Brew'Kuenster, RodLargeBlue/GreenStreakedYellowHybridPale-LavenderJune to July
73 'Cosmic Charmer'Kuenster, RodLargeDark-GreenStreakedYellowHybridUnknownJune to July
74 'Cosmic Delight'Kuenster, RodLargeLight-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridMed-LavenderJune to July
75 'Cosmic Fantasy'Kuenster, RodLargeMed-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownUnknown
76 'Cosmic Flash'Kuenster, RodLargeDark-GreenStreakedWhiteTC SportUnknownJuly to August
77 'Cosmic Journey'Kuenster, RodMediumDark-GreenStreakedSpecklesHybridMed-LavenderJune to July
78 'Cosmic Lace'Kuenster, RodLargeLight-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridPale-LavenderJune to July
79 'Cosmic Lady'Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
80 'Cosmic Prize'Kuenster, RodLargeDark-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
81 'Cosmic Sensation'Kuenster, RodLargeMed-GreenStreakedYellowHybridUnknownJune to July
82 'Country Gentleman'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeBlue/GreenMarginalYellowUnknownNear-WhiteJune to July
83 'Cousin Lou Ann'Zilis, MarkLargeLight-Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
84 'Cowabunga'Asch, StuartLargeLight-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownUnknownUnknown
85 'Cricket'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneMiniatureMed-Green  SportPale-LavenderJune to July
86 'Crusty Old Fart'Freeman, Franc & Freeman, SallyMediumDark-Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
87 'Curmudgeon'Brown, SandyMediumMed-Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
88 'Cutie'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownMed-LavenderAugust to September to October
89 'Cuyahoga Falls'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-Green  SportUnknownJuly to August
90 'Dark Matter'Kedl, PhyllisMediumDark-Green  HybridPale-LavenderJune to July
91 'Deep Space Nine'Zilis, MarkLargeMed-GreenMarginalYellowTC SportPale-LavenderJuly to August
92 'Devon Desire'Bowden, Roger & Bowden, Ann & Ruh, PeterGiantMed-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly
93 'Devon Hills'Bowden, Roger & Bowden, Ann & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanLargeDark-Green  HybridNear-WhiteJuly
94 'Diamond Necklace'Zilis, MarkSmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteSportPure-WhiteJuly to August
95 'Don't Taz Me Bro'Freeman, Franc & Freeman, SallyMediumMed-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownAugust to September
96 'Dorothy's Brass Band'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta SocietyMediumYellow-Gold  UnknownUnknownJune to July
97 'Dorset Blueblood'Zilis, MarkSmallBlue/Green  SportPale-LavenderJuly
98 'Dorset Clown'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/GreenStreakedCreamy WhiteHybridPale-LavenderJune to July
99 'Downpour'Tomashek, CindyGiantBlue/GreenMarginalYellowSportNear-WhiteJune to July
100 'Eclipse'Dean, DonGiantBlue/GreenMarginalYellowSportNear-WhiteJune to July
101 'Electric Love'Abrams, DebMediumMed-GreenMarginalWhiteSportLight-PurpleJuly to August
102 'Embroidery'Unknown & Zilis, MarkMediumLight-Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJuly to August
103 'Emerald Charger'Zilis, MarkLargeDark-GreenMedialYellowSportPale-LavenderAugust to September
104 'Enigma'Philips, HugoSmallDark-GreenMedialGreenHybridPale-LavenderJuly to August
105 'Evening Prayers'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumDark-GreenMarginalYellowUnknownUnknownJune to July
106 'Faerie Cups'Brown, SandyLargeBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
107 'Faerie Dust'Brown, SandyLargeYellow  UnknownUnknownJune to July
108 'Farewell Party'Zilis, MarkLargeYellow  HybridNear-WhiteJune to July
109 'Fertile Phyllis'Asch, StuartLargeBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune to July
110 'Fired Up'Zilis, MarkSmallDark-GreenStreakedWhiteSportLight-PurpleJuly
111 'First Light'Philips, HugoSmallDark-GreenMedialYellowSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
112 'Flanders Passion'Philips, HugoLargeBlue/Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
113 'Flanders Spirit'Philips, HugoMediumMed-Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
114 'Flemish Steel'Van Eechaute, DannyUnknownBlue/Green  SportUnknownUnknown
115 'Franc's Blueboy Lost'Freeman, Franc & Freeman, SallySmallBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
116 'Franc's Dark Within'Freeman, Franc & Freeman, SallyLargeDark-GreenMarginalGreenSportUnknownJune to July
117 'Franc's Green Bomber'Freeman, FrancGiantDark-Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
118 'Franc's Mor Blu'Freeman, Franc & Freeman, SallyMediumBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
119 'Franklin Pierce'Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanLargeMed-Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
120 'Fresh'Unknown & Zilis, MarkMediumLight-GreenMarginalYellowSportPale-LavenderJuly
121 'Friday Morning Coffee'Freeman, FrancLargeBlue/GreenMarginalGreenUnknownUnknownJune to July
122 'Frills'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumYellow  UnknownNear-WhiteJuly to August
123 'Fringe Benefit'Vaughn, Kevin & Aden, PaulLargeMed-GreenMarginalCreamy WhiteHybridPale-LavenderJuly
124 'Frosted Comet'Kuenster, RodLargeDark-GreenStreakedYellowHybridUnknownJune to July
125 'Frosted Mini Hearts'Zilis, MarkMiniatureMed-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridLight-PurpleJuly to August
126 'Fukurin Tosayama'Ruh, PeterSmallMed-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownMed-LavenderSeptember
127 'Geez Louise'Asch, StuartMediumYellow  UnknownMed-LavenderJune to July
128 'Gene's Joy'Zilis, Mark & The American Hosta SocietyMediumDark-GreenMedialYellowSportPale-LavenderJune to July
129 'Geneva' (Benedict)Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeBlue/GreenStreakedYellowSportNear-WhiteJune to July
130 'Gift of Sight'Adams, JoyLargeLight-GreenMarginalWhiteTC SportMed-LavenderAugust to September
131 'Go Dorothy'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
132 'Goat Hollow'Kuenster, RodLargeDark-GreenStreakedYellowHybridUnknownJune to July
133 'Gold Seer'Unknown & Zilis, MarkLargeYellow  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly
134 'Golden Bouquet'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeMed-Green  SportPale-LavenderJuly to August
135 'Golden Wiggler'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMiniatureYellow  HybridUnknownUnknown
136 'Good As Gold'Unknown & Ruh, PeterLargeYellow  HybridPale-LavenderJuly
137 'Grandaddy Red Legs'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumDark-Green  HybridMed-LavenderAugust to September
138 'Grant Wood's Trail'Adams, JoyMediumMed-GreenMedialYellowSportUnknownJuly to August
139 'Green Pastures'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneSmallLight-Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune to July
140 'Green Sparkler'Zilis, MarkSmallMed-Green  SportMed-LavenderAugust to September to October
141 'Groo Bloo'Unknown & Zilis, MarkLargeBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune
142 'Groovy'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, Rod & The American Hosta SocietyMediumMed-GreenStreakedCreamy WhiteUnknownUnknownUnknown
143 'Gunther'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/GreenStreakedYellowHybridNear-WhiteJuly to August
144 'Hallelujah'Zilis, MarkMediumBlue/Green  HybridMed-LavenderJune to July
145 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President'Zilis, MarkMediumMed-GreenStreakedWhiteSportLight-PurpleSeptember
146 'Hebe Blue'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly to August
147 'Hello There'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumDark-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleAugust
148 'Hoopla'Unknown & Zilis, MarkMediumMed-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly
149 'Hooter'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenStreakedWhiteUnknownLight-PurpleJuly
150 'Hypnosis'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-GreenMarginalWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
151 'I Bluit'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly to August
152 'Itty Bitty'Zilis, MarkMiniatureDark-GreenMedialWhiteSportLight-PurpleJune to July
153 'Itty Gold'Zilis, MarkSmallYellow  SportUnknownJune to July
154 'Jabulani'Zilis, MarkLargeYellowMarginalGreenSportUnknownJune to July
155 'James Knox Polk'Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanGiantLight-Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
156 'Jammin'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownJuly to August
157 'Jelly Belly'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallLight-GreenStreakedSpecklesSportMed-LavenderJune to July
158 'JenElaine'Boak, TimLargeDark-GreenMedialYellowSportMed-LavenderJune to July
159 'Jerry's Jest'Schulz, EdSmallMed-Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
160 'Jilted Lover'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-GreenMarginalYellowSportPale-LavenderJuly
161 'John Deere Green and Yellow'Freeman, FrancMediumDark-GreenMarginalYellowUnknownUnknownAugust to September
162 'Kate's Legacy'Rahe, LoraMiniatureDark-GreenStreakedWhiteSportMed-LavenderJune to July
163 'King John'Schwarz, JimGiantBlue/Green  SportUnknownJuly to August
164 'Klondike'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodUnknownMed-GreenStreakedYellowUnknownUnknownUnknown
165 'Knit Pickin'Zolock, Steve & Zolock, SarahMediumDark-Green  HybridMed-LavenderJuly
166 'Late Jewel'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleAugust to September
167 'Lederhosen'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownLight-PurpleJune to July
168 'Lime Wrinkles'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumYellow  UnknownUnknownJune to July
169 'Little Jack Frost'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderAugust to September
170 'Little Jill'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMiniatureMed-GreenStreakedWhiteUnknownLight-PurpleAugust to September
171 'Little Slam Bang'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeMed-Green  UnknownUnknownAugust to September
172 'Louis XIV'Kedl, PhyllisGiantYellow  UnknownPale-LavenderJune to July
173 'Love Song'Van Eechaute, DannyLargeMed-Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
174 'Maniac'Schwarz, JimMediumMed-GreenMarginalGreenSportNear-WhiteJuly to August
175 'Mariachi'Zilis, MarkLargeMed-GreenMarginalYellowSportPale-LavenderAugust to September
176 'Mellow Yellow'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb)LargeYellow-Gold  UnknownNear-WhiteJuly to August
177 'Mike'Webster, B.GiantBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
178 'Millard Fillmore'Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanLargeMed-Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
179 'Minute After a Rainy Sunset'McHugh, EdMediumLight-GreenStreakedYellowSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
180 'Miyazaki'Zilis, MarkSmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteHybridUnknownAugust to September
181 'Moon Split'Van Eechaute, DannyMediumLight-GreenMedialDark GreenSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
182 'Moonrise'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneLargeLight-GreenMarginalYellowHybridUnknownJune to July
183 'Moulin Rouge'Van Eechaute, DannyMediumDark-GreenMedialWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
184 'Mountain Pride'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodGiantMed-Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
185 'Mr Big'Walden West Nursery & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanGiantDark-Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJuly
186 'My Laura'Schwarz, JimLargeMed-GreenMedialYellowUnknownUnknownJune to July
187 'My Romance'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneSmallMed-GreenMarginalWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
188 'Mystic Mouse'Van Eechaute, DannyMiniatureBlue/GreenMarginalBlue-GreenSportLight-PurpleJuly
189 'Nagaeto'Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanMediumLight-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleUnknown
190 'Nello and Patrasche'Philips, HugoMediumMed-Green  HybridUnknownAugust to September
191 'Nemesis'Dupre, DirkMediumDark-GreenMedialYellowUnknownUnknownJuly to August
192 'Now'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumDark-GreenMedialYellowUnknownUnknownUnknown
193 'Now and Then'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenStreakedYellowUnknownUnknownUnknown
194 'Outrageous Dragon'Kuenster, RodUnknownDark-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownJuly to August
195 'Over the Moon'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneMediumMed-GreenMarginalWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
196 'Over the Waves'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownAugust to September
197 'Paradise Restored'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-Green  SportUnknownJuly to August
198 'Parthenon'Zilis, MarkMediumLight-GreenStreakedSpecklesSportPure-WhiteAugust to September
199 'Permafrost'Zilis, MarkMediumBlue/GreenMarginalWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
200 'Pewter Platter'Kedl, PhyllisLargeBlue/Green  HybridUnknownJune to July
201 'Pie à la Mode'Zilis, MarkUnknownDark-GreenMarginalWhiteTC SportUnknownJuly to August
202 'Piecrust Power'Shaw, Florence & Zilis, MarkLargeMed-Green  HybridPale-LavenderJuly
203 'Pinani Splash'Pinder, JeffLargeBlue/GreenMedialYellowSportMed-LavenderJuly to August
204 'Pineapple Zest'Zilis, MarkSmallYellow  HybridUnknownUnknown
205 'Pin-up' (Van Eechaute)Van Eechaute, DannyLargeBlue/GreenMedialWhiteSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
206 'Pitch Black'Schwarz, JimUnknownDark-Green  SportUnknownJuly to August
207 'Pitty Pat'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumLight-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleJuly to August
208 'Pixie Power'Unknown & Zilis, MarkSmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteHybridLight-PurpleAugust
209 'Plaschken'Lokies, MartinSmallDark-Green  SportLight-PurpleJuly to August
210 'Play it Again, Sam'Beilstein, Doug & Zilis, MarkMediumMed-GreenStreakedWhiteHybridUnknownAugust to September
211 'Poseidon'Zilis, MarkLargeLight-GreenMarginalYellowSportPure-WhiteAugust to September
212 'Powder Keg'Zilis, MarkLargeBlue/GreenStreakedWhiteTC SportNear-WhiteJune to July
213 'Prairie Spring'Kedl, PhyllisMediumYellow  HybridUnknownJune to July
214 'Pride and Joy'Rawson, DonLargeBlue/GreenMedialYellowSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
215 'Pucker Up' (Kedl)Kedl, PhyllisMediumLight-Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
216 'Puddles and Bumps'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-Green  HybridLight-PurpleJuly to August
217 'Pumpkin Pie'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenMedialYellowUnknownUnknownUnknown
218 'Purple Flush'Zilis, MarkMediumBlue/Green  HybridMed-LavenderJune to July
219 'Purple Heron'Philips, HugoMediumMed-Green  HybridLight-PurpleAugust to September
220 'Purple Moon'Adams, JoyMediumYellow  HybridLight-PurpleJuly to August
221 'Purple Perfection'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  HybridPale-LavenderJuly
222 'Quesadilla'Zilis, MarkLargeMed-GreenStreakedYellowSportPale-LavenderAugust to September
223 'Rainbow Delight'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodSmallMed-GreenStreakedWhiteUnknownUnknownJuly to August
224 'Ready Freddy'Asch, StuartGiantDark-Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune to July
225 'Red Bull'Van Eechaute, DannyLargeMed-Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
226 'Reddy Eddy'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeDark-Green  UnknownUnknownAugust to September
227 'Regal Tot'Zilis, MarkSmallLight-Green  HybridLight-PurpleJuly to August
228 'Rhino Blue'Rawson, DonLargeBlue/Green  SportNear-WhiteJune to July
229 'Rippled Treasure'Zilis, MarkMediumMed-Green  HybridUnknownJune to July
230 'Robyn Duback'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenMarginalYellowUnknownMed-LavenderAugust to September
231 'Rock of Gibralter'Zilis, MarkLargeBlue/Green  SportUnknownJune to July
232 'Run Around'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-Green  UnknownUnknownJuly to August
233 'Rutherford Birchard Hayes'Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanMediumLight-Green  UnknownMed-LavenderUnknown
234 'Sacramento'Zilis, MarkLargeDark-GreenMarginalYellowSportPure-WhiteJune to July
235 'Saint Stephen'Zolock, Steve & Zolock, SarahLargeMed-GreenMedialWhiteHybridNear-WhiteUnknown
236 'Samurai'Unknown & Zilis, MarkLargeBlue/GreenMarginalYellowSportNear-WhiteJune to July
237 'Sarah Fackey'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenMarginalYellowUnknownUnknownJune to July
238 'Scarlet and Gray'Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanMediumDark-Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
239 'Scorpio'Husemann, JimLargeDark-Green  HybridUnknownJune to July
240 'Sea Monster'Seaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin & The American Hosta SocietyLargeMed-Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune to July
241 'September White'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-Green  UnknownPure-WhiteAugust
242 'Shenanigans'Aden, PaulMediumDark-GreenStreakedWhiteUnknownPale-LavenderAugust
243 'Shogun'Aden, Paul & Zilis, Mark & The American Hosta SocietyLargeMed-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownPale-LavenderJuly
244 'Show Off'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Ruh, PeterMediumMed-Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
245 'Slammin'Zilis, MarkMediumMed-GreenStreakedYellowUnknownUnknownJune to July
246 'Slurpy'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleJuly to August
247 'Sneak Preview'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneSmallYellow  HybridUnknownJune to July
248 'So Big'Rudolph, Thelma & Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanLargeBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
249 'Solar Flare'Ross, Henry & Gardenview Horticultural ParkGiantYellow  UnknownPale-LavenderJune to July
250 'Special Blend'Van Eechaute, DannyMediumBlue/GreenStreakedYellowUnknownPale-LavenderJuly
251 'Standard's Bands'McHugh, EdMediumMed-GreenMarginalYellowSportMed-LavenderJuly to August
252 'Stiff Upper Lip'Asch, StuartLargeBlue/Green  UnknownMed-LavenderJune to July
253 'Still Waters'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneMediumBlue/Green  HybridUnknownJune
254 'Stolen Ability'Zilis, MarkMediumMed-Green  SportLight-PurpleAugust
255 'Stormcloud'Kedl, PhyllisLargeDark-Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
256 'Summer Love'Zilis, MarkMediumYellow  SportPale-LavenderJune to July
257 'Summer Palace'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneLargeLight-GreenMarginalYellowHybridUnknownJune to July
258 'Summer Rainbow'Bowe, Dave & Wilson, ChrisLargeDark-GreenMarginalWhiteSportUnknownJuly to August
259 'Sumsational'Zilis, MarkLargeDark-GreenMedialYellowSportMed-LavenderJuly to August
260 'Sun Goddess'Kedl, PhyllisLargeYellow  HybridNear-WhiteJune to July
261 'Super Bowl'Unknown & Zilis, MarkMediumYellow  HybridNear-WhiteJune
262 'T N T'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-GreenMedialYellowSportPale-LavenderJuly to August
263 'Tet-A-Poo' (Aden)Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkMiniatureBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJuly
264 'The Wind Blew'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly to August
265 'Then'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodUnknownDark-GreenMarginalWhiteSportUnknownUnknown
266 'Time Traveler'Avent, TonyLargeMed-GreenStreakedWhiteSportPale-LavenderJune to July
267 'Tinker Blue'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMiniatureBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
268 'Tobacco Road'Petryszyn, OlgaUnknownYellowMarginalGreenHybridUnknownJune to July
269 'Tom Boy'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodMediumYellow  UnknownUnknownJune to July
270 'Tristesse'Philips, HugoLargeLight-Green  HybridMed-LavenderUnknown
271 'Tropicana'Zilis, MarkLargeLight-GreenMarginalWhiteHybridPale-LavenderJuly to August
272 'Tsuma Tajima'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMediumMed-GreenStreakedCreamy WhiteUnknownUnknownAugust to September
273 'Tuff Howard'Freeman, FrancMediumDark-Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
274 'Tuxedo'Goodenough, RickLargeDark-GreenMedialWhiteHybridUnknownJune to July
275 'Twirlatini'Zilis, MarkSmallBlue/Green  HybridLight-PurpleJuly to August
276 'Twist of Dwarf'Brinker, LarrySmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteSportUnknownJune to July
277 'Typhoon'Ward, Dr Dick & Ward, JaneLargeMed-GreenMarginalYellowSportUnknownJune to July
278 'Valley's Blind River'Linneman, JeroenMediumDark-Green  HybridDeep-PurpleAugust to September
279 'Valley's Blue Print'Linneman, JeroenSmallBlue/Green  HybridUnknownAugust to September
280 'Valley's Blue Rider'Linneman, JeroenMediumBlue/Green  HybridUnknownAugust to September
281 'Valley's Hot Legs'Linneman, JeroenMediumMed-Green  HybridUnknownAugust to September
282 'Valley's Poker Face'Linneman, JeroenLargeLight-Green  HybridUnknownAugust to September
283 'Valley's Roadrunner'Linneman, JeroenMediumBlue/Green  HybridUnknownAugust to September
284 'Valley's Shipwreck's Cove'Linneman, JeroenLargeLight-Green  HybridLight-PurpleAugust to September
285 'Velvet Bows'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodMiniatureLight-Green  HybridUnknownJuly to August
286 'Vivacious'Zilis, MarkMediumMed-GreenStreakedYellowUnknownUnknownJuly to August
287 'Vortex'Zilis, MarkMediumDark-GreenMedialWhiteSportUnknownJuly to August
288 'Vuvuzela'Zilis, MarkSmallLight-GreenMedialYellowSportUnknownJuly to August
289 'West Point Hanky'Freeman, FrancSmallMed-Green  UnknownUnknownJuly to August
290 'Whirlybird'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
291 'White Edger'Aden, Paul & Zilis, MarkLargeMed-Green  UnknownNear-WhiteUnknown
292 'Whizzer'Freeman, FrancUnknownMed-Green  UnknownUnknownJuly to August
293 'Who Dat'Schulz, EdLargeYellow  UnknownUnknownAugust to September
294 'William Henry Harrison'Ruh, Peter & Ruh, JeanLargeLight-Green  UnknownUnknownUnknown
295 'Wilson Lake'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Benedict, Dorothy & Kuenster, RodLargeBlue/Green  UnknownUnknownJune to July
296 'Xtraordinary'Zolock, Steve & Zolock, SarahLargeDark-Green  HybridMed-LavenderUnknown
297 'Yosemite Valley'Petryszyn, OlgaGiantYellow  HybridUnknownUnknown
298 'Yoshie'Benedict, Dr Ralph (Herb) & Kuenster, RodLargeMed-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleAugust
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