This group of hosta cultivars was developed by Dr Charles Purtymun and Jay Hyslop at  Walden West Nursery in Scotts Mills, Oregon. They registered 26 cultivars in this series between 1987 and 1999.

Note: I don't know for sure if it is the origin of this name but there is an Abiqua soil series that consists of well-drained soils deposited by rivers, streams and other flowing waters. Parts of Oregon have this type of soil. Also, according to a sign at Wade and Gatton Nursery and Wade Botanical Gardens, Abiqua is a Native American word meaning picturesque river. There is an Abiqua River near Scotts Mills, Oregon.

CultivarPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
'Abiqua Ambrosia'LargeMed-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustWalden West.1987
'Abiqua Ariel'SmallBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West.1999
'Abiqua Aries'MediumBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJulyWalden West.1999
'Abiqua Big Sky'GiantBlue/Green  Unknown June into JulyWalden West & Ruh, Peter.2008
'Abiqua Blue Crinkles'MediumBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West.1999
'Abiqua Blue Edger'SmallBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJulyWalden West.1987
'Abiqua Blue Hearts'SmallBlue/Green  UnknownPure-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West & Zilis, Mark.2009
'Abiqua Blue Jay'MediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustWalden West.1988
'Abiqua Blue Madonna'MediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJulyWalden West.1988
'Abiqua Blue Princess'    Unknown  Unknown--NR--
'Abiqua Blue Shield'LargeBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West.1988
'Abiqua Chelais'MediumMed-Green  Unknown  Walden West--NR--
'Abiqua Delight'MediumMed-GreenMarginalYellowUnknownDeep-PurpleJuly into AugustWalden West.1999
'Abiqua Drinking Gourd'LargeBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West.1989
'Abiqua Drinking Gourd Streaked'LargeBlue/GreenStreakedYellowNat-SportNear-WhiteJune into JulyMeyer, Bill--NR--
'Abiqua Elephant Ears'GiantBlue/Green  HybridPale-LavenderJuly into AugustWalden West.1999
'Abiqua Falls'LargeMed-Green  Unknown  Walden West--NR--
'Abiqua Gold Shield'GiantMed-Green  Hybrid  Walden West.1987
'Abiqua Gold Star'LargeLight-Green  UnknownNear-White Walden West--NR--
'Abiqua Golden Boy'LargeYellow  Unknown  Walden West--NR--
'Abiqua Green' Med-Green  Hybrid  Walden West--NR--
'Abiqua Ground Cover'SmallMed-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleJune into JulyWalden West.1988
'Abiqua Hallucination'MediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustWalden West.1988
'Abiqua Jim Dandy'MiniatureMed-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJulyWalden West & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Abiqua Kaleidoscope'LargeDark-GreenMedialYellowUnknown June into JulyWalden West & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Abiqua Miniature'MiniatureMed-Green  UnknownLight-PurpleJuly into AugustWalden West.1988
'Abiqua Moonbeam'MediumBlue/GreenMarginalGreenish WhiteNat-SportPale-LavenderJuly into AugustWalden West.1987
'Abiqua Pagoda'GiantBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West.1989
'Abiqua Paradigm'    Duplicate  Duplicate Name 
'Abiqua Parasol'GiantBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West.1987
'Abiqua Recluse'LargeYellow  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulyWalden West.1989
'Abiqua Skunkie'SmallMed-GreenMedialWhiteUnknown  Walden West--NR--
'Abiqua Solitude'LargeMed-Green  Unknown  Walden West--NR--
'Abiqua Trumpet'SmallBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustWalden West.1987
'Abiqua Zodiac'LargeYellow  UnknownLight-PurpleJuly into AugustWalden West.1988

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