This series is from British hybridizer Eric Smith who at one time lived near Dorset, England. After his death, Peter Ruh registered many of his plants of this series with The American Hosta Society.

CultivarPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
'Dorset Blue'SmallBlue/Green--UnknownPale-LavenderAugustSmith, Eric & Aden, Paul.1977
'Dorset Charm'MediumBlue/Green--HybridPale-LavenderAugustSmith, Eric & Ruh, Peter.1990
'Dorset Clown'SmallBlue/GreenStreakedCreamy WhiteUnknownPale-LavenderJune into JulyBenedict, Dr Ralph (Herb).1993
'Dorset Cream'LargeYellow--Hybrid--Smith, Eric--NR--
'Dorset Flair'MediumBlue/Green--HybridLight-PurpleAugust to OctoberSmith, Eric & Ruh, Peter.1990

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