The hosta hybridizer, Eric Smith, was the gardener at Hadspen House in Somerset, England for part of his career. It was there that he hybridized his Tardiana Group of hostas and developed 11 "Hadspen" plants.

An article by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (1985 Vol. 16) states that, "Many hosta enthusiasts have come to assume that any cultivar name with "Hadspen" or "Dorset" is a H x tardiana. Not so. There is at least one exception: Eric Smith 's 'Hadspen Honey'. According to an April 5, 1978 letter that Smith wrote to Alex J. Summers who was then living in Roslyn, New York, "H. 'Hadspen Honey' is a sport from the golden-edged H. sieboldiana," that is, from Hosta 'Frances Williams'."

Note: Nomenclature changes recommended in the 1991 book The Genus Hosta by W. George Schmid and accepted by The American Hosta Society would update names as follows: H. x tardiana is now the Tardiana Group.

CultivarPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
'Hadspen Blue'LargeBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustSmith, Eric & Aden, Paul.1976
'Hadspen Blue Streaked'MediumBlue/GreenStreakedWhiteNat-SportPale-LavenderJuly into AugustFalstad, C.H--NR--
'Hadspen Dolphin'GiantBlue/Green  Unknown  Unknown--NR--
'Hadspen Harmony'    Duplicate  Duplicate Name 
'Hadspen Hawk'MediumBlue/Green  HybridPale-LavenderAugust to OctoberSmith, Eric & BHHS.1988
'Hadspen Heron'MediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustSmith, Eric & Aden, Paul.1976
'Hadspen Honey'  - - -Duplicate - -Duplicate Name 
'Hadspen Mystique'LargeDark-Green  HybridMed-LavenderAugust to SeptemberSmith, Eric & Ruh, Peter & Jean.2003
'Hadspen Nymphae'LargeBlue/Green  Unknown  Unknown--NR--
'Hadspen Pink'MediumBlue/Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustSmith, Eric & BHHS.1988
'Hadspen Rainbow'LargeMed-Green  Unknown  Unknown--NR--
'Hadspen Samphire'MediumLight-Green  HybridPale-LavenderAugustSmith, Eric & Ruh, Peter.1997
'Hadspen Seersucker'LargeMed-Green  UnknownMed-LavenderJulySmith, Eric--NR--
'Hadspen White'  - - -Duplicate - -Duplicate Name 

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