Dr Shuichi Hirao of Japan sent either seeds or plants to Peter Ruh who later registered them on Dr Hirao's behalf.
CultivarPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
'Hirao Elite'MediumDark-Green -UnknownLight-PurpleAugust to OctoberHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1997
'Hirao Grande'MediumMed-Green -HybridLight-PurpleAugust to OctoberHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1997
'Hirao Imperial'SmallMed-Green -HybridPale-LavenderAugust to OctoberHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1998
'Hirao Majesty'LargeMed-Green -UnknownPale-LavenderJulyHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1997
'Hirao Monument'MediumLight-Green -HybridPale-LavenderSeptemberHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1997
'Hirao Splendor'MediumMed-Green -UnknownPale-LavenderSeptemberHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1997
'Hirao Supreme'LargeMed-Green -UnknownPale-Lavender-Hirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1997
'Hirao T66-01'-- -Duplicate--Duplicate Name--NR--
'Hirao T66-02'-- -Duplicate--Duplicate Name--NR--
'Hirao Tet'-- -Duplicate--Duplicate Name--NR--
'Hirao Tet Large'-- -Duplicate--Duplicate Name--NR--
'Hirao Tetraploid'-- -Duplicate--Duplicate Name--NR--
'Hirao Zeus'LargeBlue/Green -Nat-SportNear-WhiteJune into JulyHirao, Shuichi & Ruh, Peter.1997

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