It appears that this group of hostas is a case of confused names. Carl Mack who was a horticulturist and nursery owner in the Chicago area accumulated a group of hostas in the 1950s and offered them for sale in the 1960s. The plants were sold under the name of his nursery, "Mackwoods", along with a number. The cultivars listed below are those that have been identified with their real name or which have been named by other Hostaphiles but may have been sold as a "Mackwoods" plant decades ago.

Mackwood NumberCultivar Name
'Mackwoods No. 01''Sieboldiana'
'Mackwoods No. 02''Elegans'
'Mackwoods No. 03''Undulata Erromena'
'Mackwoods No. 04''Crispula'
'Mackwoods No. 05''Undulata Albomarginata'
'Mackwoods No. 06''Undulata Univittata'
'Mackwoods No. 07'Hosta ventricosa
'Mackwoods No. 08''Fortunei Stenantha'
'Mackwoods No. 09''Fortunei Albopicta'
'Mackwoods No. 10''Fortunei Gigantea'
'Mackwoods No. 11''Fortunei Hyacinthina'
'Mackwoods No. 12''Decorata'
'Mackwoods No. 13''Decorata Normalis'
'Mackwoods No. 14'Hosta plantaginea
'Mackwoods No. 15''Alba'
'Mackwoods No. 16''Lancifolia'
'Mackwoods No. 17''Tardiflora'
'Mackwoods No. 18''Fox Lake'
'Mackwoods No. 19''Frances Williams'
'Mackwoods No. 20''Fortunei Viridis'
'Mackwoods No. 21''Louisa'
'Mackwoods No. 22''Green Gold'
'Mackwoods No. 23''Brass Horn'
'Mackwoods No. 25''Honeybells'
'Mackwoods No. 29''Aureomaculata', H. ventricosa
'Mackwoods No. 30''Lotus Woods'
'Mackwoods No. 32'Hosta sieboldii
'Mackwoods No. 33''Fortunei Aurea'
'Mackwoods No. 34'Hosta sieboldii spathulata
'Mackwoods No. 35''Tokudama Aureonebulosa'
'Mackwoods No. 37''Spring Grove'
'Mackwoods No. 39''Undulata'

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