This group of hostas was developed by Mildred Seaver of Massachusetts. She started hybridizing in 1970 and introduced over 90 new hosta cultivars. The vast majority of her cultivars were given a name that begins with "Sea" however, she did introduce some under other names. A few hostas by other originators have also been given a name that started with "Sea".

According to The Hostapedia by Mark Zilis (2009),"She emphasized color, substance, and marginal rippling, but most of all a seedling had to be distinct before she deemed it worthy of introduction."

An article by Warren I. Pollock in The Hosta Journal (1991 Vol. 22 No. 2) states that, "I am in favor of hosta cultivars having some identification in their names as to who hybridized or introduced the plants...The hosta introductions of Mildred (Mrs Charles W.) Seaver...are the classic example of this. I believe she was the first to do it with hostas. Many, but not all, of her introductions have "Sea" as the first word in their names...In 1980, Mrs. Ann Arett...registered an all-green hosta under the name 'Sea Shells'. As a courtesy to Mildred Seaver, and with Ann Arrett's permission, the name was changed to 'Shells at Sea' in 1983."

Note: Since the time this article appeared in 1991 many more hosta name series have come into use. We have cultivar lists from our database for many of them.

Although not included in the "Sea" series, Mildred Seaver also introduced classic cultivars such as: H. 'Christmas Tree', H. 'Don Stevens', H. 'Lucy Vitols', H. 'Spinning Wheel', H. 'Spilt Milk', H. 'High Noon' and H. 'Allan P. McConnell'.

CultivarPlant SizeLeaf ColorVariegationVar ColorOriginFlower ColorSeasonSourceRegistered
'Sea Angel'SmallMed-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownLight-PurpleJune into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Angel Wings'MediumYellow  UnknownPale-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Beacon'LargeMed-GreenMarginalYellowUnknownMed-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred.2004
'Sea Biscuit'MediumDark-Green  UnknownMed-LavenderJune into JulySeaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Black Beard'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Blue'LargeBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred.1978
'Sea Blue Electra'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Blue Leather'GiantBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJuneSeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Blue Monster'LargeBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred.2009
'Sea Blue Sapphire'LargeBlue/Green  Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Bubbles'MediumYellow  Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Bumps'LargeYellow  Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Bunny'LargeMed-Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred.1986
'Sea Corty'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Current'MediumMed-Green  HybridPale-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred.2001
'Sea Delightful'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Dragon'LargeDark-Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Dream'LargeYellowMarginalCreamy WhiteHybridMed-LavenderJuly into AugustSeaver, Mildred.1984
'Sea Drift'LargeBlue/Green  HybridMed-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred.1978
'Sea Ebony'LargeBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJuneSeaver, Mildred & Solberg, Robert.1991
'Sea Fire'MediumYellow  UnknownPale-LavenderJuly into AugustSeaver, Mildred.2004
'Sea Foam'MediumYellow  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred.1978
'Sea Frolic'LargeMed-Green  HybridPale-LavenderJune into JulySeaver, Mildred.2004
'Sea Gentian'  - - -Duplicate - -Duplicate Name 
'Sea Gold'LargeMed-GreenMarginalWhiteHybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred.1985
'Sea Gold Dust'MediumLight-Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Gold Star'GiantYellow  HybridNear-WhiteJuneSeaver, Mildred.1984
'Sea Grotto'LargeBlue/Green  UnknownNear-WhiteJuneSeaver, Mildred.1991
'Sea Gull'SmallDark-GreenMarginalWhiteUnknownPure-WhiteAugust to OctoberSeaver, Mildred.2004
'Sea High Noon'  - - -Duplicate - -Duplicate Name 
'Sea Jumbo'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Lighten Up' Med-GreenStreakedYellowUnknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Lightning'MediumMed-GreenMedialYellowHybridLight-PurpleJulySeaver, Mildred.1981
'Sea Lotus Leaf'LargeBlue/Green  HybridPale-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred.1985
'Sea Master'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Mist'MediumLight-GreenMarginalGreenHybridPale-LavenderJune into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Monster'LargeMed-Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Nautilus'SmallYellow  Unknown June into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Octopus'MediumMed-Green  HybridLight-PurpleAugust to OctoberSeaver, Mildred.1981
'Sea Pale Moon'LargeYellow  Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Peridot'LargeYellow  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Plain Yellow' Yellow  Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Prize'LargeMed-GreenStreakedYellowUnknownPale-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Rage'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Richmond'  Streaked Unknown  Unknown--NR--
'Sea Sapphire'MediumBlue/Green  HybridNear-WhiteJune into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Shells'    Duplicate  Duplicate Name 
'Sea Show Stopper'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Sprite'SmallYellowMarginalDark GreenHybridPale-LavenderAugust to OctoberSeaver, Mildred.1978
'Sea Sunrise'SmallLight-GreenStreakedSpecklesHybridPale-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred.1982
'Sea Surf'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Surprise'  Streaked Unknown  Unknown--NR--
'Sea Tail'  - - -Duplicate - -Duplicate Name 
'Sea Thunder'LargeDark-GreenMedialWhiteNat-SportLight-PurpleJuly into AugustSeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Transparent Chartreuse'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Unicorn'SmallYellow  Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Waves'LargeLight-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJune into JulySeaver, Mildred & Walek, Kevin.2009
'Sea Weirdo'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Whiskers' Med-GreenStreakedDark GreenUnknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea White Gold'LargeLight-Green  UnknownPale-LavenderJune into JulySeaver, Mildred.1999
'Sea Wiggles'SmallYellowMarginalGreenHybridLight-PurpleJulySeaver, Mildred.1981
'Sea Worthy'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Yellow Gold'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Yellow Piecrust'    Unknown  Seaver, Mildred--NR--
'Sea Yellow Sunrise'MediumYellow  Nat-SportPale-LavenderJulySeaver, Mildred.1985

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