Database of Garden Clubs, Plant Societies and related Organizations by PlantsGalore.Com

There is nothing like sharing your love for gardening or for a specific species of plant with other enthusiasts. has gathered information on garden clubs, plant societies and related groups around the world in our database. We have indexed these gardens by a wide range of categories listed below for your convenience. Enjoy!

Australia International Other Countries
Canada Japan Spain
Germany New Zealand Sweden
Great Britain Norway United Kingdom
African Violet Dahlia Heather Primrose
Bonsai Daylily Hibiscus Rhododendron
Bromeliad Delphinium Honeybee
Cactus Ferns Hosta
Chrysanthemum Fuchsia Iris
Clematis Geranium Lily
Daffodil Gladiolus Orchids
Annuals Forestry Perennials Turf
Bulbs Iris Palm Trees Wildflowers
Floriculture Native Plants Trees  
Alpine Garden Clubs Pesticide Taxonomy
Botanical Ikebana
Photos Weeds
Butterfly Insect Research Wildlife
Compost Koi Seeds  
Environmental Master Gardener
Alpine Botanical Museum Rock Garden
Arboretum Children's Organic Water
Botanical General Journals Organic
Forestry Government Non-Profit Professional
Floriculture Horticulture Nursery Propagation

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