The Devonian Botanic Garden is located close to Edmonton and is the northern-most Botanic Garden in Canada. Although the Devonian has some exotic gardens, many gardens are dedicated to the flora of Alberta. The Patrick Seymour Alpine Garden, the Plants of Alberta and the Native People's Garden all make up a part of the 80-acres you can browse in the Devonian Garden. Not to mention the additional 110 acres you can enjoy through nature trails!

Devonian Botanic Garden
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
Canada T6G 2E1
Ph: (780) 987-3054

Directions - Devonian Botanic Garden is located within 30 minutes of downtown Edmonton - five kilometers north of Devon on Highway 60.

This part of the Canadian Province of Alberta is flat as the proverbial pancake. You can see for miles and miles in all directions. (A visitor to this site recently reminded me that the Rocky Mountains start on the west side of the Province.) This nice botanic garden sits out in the middle of the plains and is well worth a stop if you are in the area.

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